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I routinely contact my clients and conduct interviews across time zones that include the entire United States and Europe. I also talk with individuals in other time zones by pre-arranging call times that work for both of us. No matter where you or your customers are in the world, I can help you meet your marketing communications goals.

The first step is for you and I to discuss the nature of the job and its scope -- for example, the target audience, whether or not background interviews are necessary and, if so, how many, the amount of research involved, existing background material that you and others can provide, and the deadline.

I usually work on a project basis. However, for some jobs I charge an hourly fee, particulary when a project is somewhat open-ended or subject to a number of revisions.

If the job is to be billed on a project basis, we agree upon a fee and I get started. (After signing an NDA, of course.) Revisions are free unless there is a major change in the direction or scope of the assignment. If that happens -- and it rarely does -- we simply negotiate an additional fee to cover the extra work.

If I'm working on an hourly basis, I'll quote you my standard rate and, if the project is fairly well defined, give you an estimate of the hours involved.
My prices are competitive, so you won't be experiencing any sticker shock.

Regarding background material, I prefer to have too much to work with rather than too little. The more information you can provide, including setting up background interviews, the better.

I'll keep you posted as the job progresses. Having been a magazine editor for several decades, I respect deadlines -- once we agree on a date, I'll do everything in my power to bring the project in on time. If I run across any potholes, I'll let you know immediately.

I think you'll find that I'm easy to work with, and that the finished product will meet or exceed your expectations. If you need some top quality marcomm writing help, please be in touch.

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