Pink Floyd THE WALL

GENRE: Musical
YEAR: 1982

      Alan Parker brings to the screen Pink Floyd’s awesome and twisted rock opera with great success. Typical description of THE WALL ranges from “really weird” to “really f**ked up.” All apply! Bob Geldof is a used up rock star named, Pink, whose slow descent into madness is the theme of the film. Pink’s madness is further illustrated with flashbacks of his life, from a baby in the crib to his present. Thrown into the mix are strange animations and a metamorphosis of Pink into some type of Nazi dictator.

      I am by no means a proponent of drugs, but if you really want to get “weirded” out one night, rent this. Believe me, you won’t need an illegal substance to enjoy it.

Alan Parker

Bob Geldof - Pink
Jenny Wright - American Groupie
Bob Hoskins - Pink’s Manager
Eleanor David - Pink’s Wife
Kevin McKeon - Young Pink
Joanne Whalley - Groupie

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