Star Star

          “You don’t change Chinatown, it changes you.” It’s funny, but lines in a preview that are supposed to be serious can end up sounding so corny. The line above is no exception. In fact, when friends and I make fun of certain movies, all we have to do is quote something like that with the same voice and demeanor and it’ll be funny. Since the humor is there already, you don’t need to add a thing.

          Chow Yun-Fat is enjoyable and for the most part his acting is pretty good. His only drawback is occasional bits of overacting where, for some reason, he makes these ridiculous Nicolas Cage like facial expressions. You know, the eyes bug out, followed then by the unnecessary and flamboyant waving of the arms. For Cage it works, but not for Yun-Fat. Whether the director told him to, or he did it on his own, it just looked silly. Still, the script was the main problem here, so the changes I mentioned, while good, wouldn’t have been enough. Truth be told, there was something here. Somewhere lying underneath the mediocre script, you could feel one hell of a movie trying to get out. Maybe someday we’ll see it. In the meantime, remember, “You don’t change THE CORRUPTOR, it changes you.” Whether this is literal or not is your call. :-)

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