GENRE: Musical/Comedy
YEAR: 1991

      Just an excellent film all around. Robert Arkins leads an impressive, but unknown, cast in this wonderful movie about ghetto kids from Dublin, Ireland who decide to form a 60ís style Soul band. THE COMMITMENTS is easily one of Alan Parkerís best films, if not the best. He even has a quick cameo as a record producer near the end. The music is first rate and youíll probably buy the soundtrack afterwards. Trust me, itís well worth it. This film is a must-see and I canít rave about it enough.

Alan Parker
The Commitments

Robert Arkins - Jimmy Rabbitte
Colm Meaney - Mr. Rabbitte
Andrew Strong - Deco
Angeline Ball - Imelda
Glen Hansard - Outspan
Maria Doyle Kennedy - Natalie
Kenneth McCluskey - Derek
Dave Finnegan - Mickah Wallace
Bronagh Gallagher - Bernie
Johnny Murphy - Joey ďThe LipsĒ Fagan
Felim Gormley - Dean
Dick Massey - Billy

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