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Joel Tepp is a familiar face as a multi-instrument accompanist at Northwest concerts, in California, Kerrville and beyond.  He has regularly added his slide guitar, harmonica and clarinet stylings to the music of Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, Danny O'Keefe, Iain Matthews, Spencer Davis, Caroline Aiken and many others. In addition to these artists, his recording credits include Jerry Garcia, Crazy Horse, John David Souther, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, several major films, television shows and much more.  In his early years, he learned from the masters, not through recordings but by accompanying them on tour and gaining his musical knowledge face to face, one on one.  His teachers and departed friends include Johnny Shines, Bukka White, Earl Hooker, John Lee Hooker, Sippi Wallace, Magic Sam and Shakey Jake.


“Joel is a tremendous musician, very inventive, innovative, creative and versatile.”  “He has a great deal of musical depth, particularly in a historical sense (and)… he can play a wide range of styles on any of his instruments.”

                                                Danny O’Keefe


"...the second half of the night became one of those unforgettable transcendant art experiences that I'll be talking about for years to come. Does it get any better? 40,000 Headmen, Edo's solo jazz version of "Amazing Grace" (really breaking new ground like no other), Joel's red-hot blue guitar soaring alongside Caroline's soul-filled vocals."

Dan Fontes (Sausalito House Concerts) 


“Joel Tepp was simply incredible on guitar, harmonica and clarinet (his harmonica was a show stopper!).”

Renee Bodie House Concerts


...just the knife on strings slide is enough to make you weep...

David Kleiner, Minor 7th Magazine



Sundance Saloon - early 1970s
w/ Don Everly & Ron Coleman

McCabes benefit September 19, 1975 with Linda Ronstadt

w/Caroline Aiken @ Kerrville (Photo by Susan Roads)


Photo by Carrie Robinson

Pommel Horse 1967, the year before the national championship.