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Joel  has recorded and performed with many other fine musicians including: Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Garcia, Little Feat, Danny O’Keefe, Spencer Davis, Linda Ronstadt, Iain Matthews, Earl Hooker, Johnny Shines, Magic Sam and Bukka White.   Some of Joel’s current musical focus involves performing with Danny O’Keefe and others in support of the Songbird Foundation ( and other charitable and environmental causes. 


Very Special Thanks to Cash America, Elliot Salter (Instant Loans), Capitol Loans Seattle, Pawn Pros and the countless other fine sources of affordable musical instruments.  And thanks to Guitar Center too.  They really do come though when it counts, bless their black, soft and fuzzy corporate hearts.
Thank You Alaska Airlines for fair treatment, affordable flights and for extra good care of my gear as I fly.
Also, special thanks to Martin Guitars for ongoing support and excellent guitar building over the decades and National Resophonics for customized help and design.

Partial Discography:

Karen Alexander

Caroline Aiken

Isn’t It Always Love (1975)


Are We There Yet, Mama? (2005)

Bear Family Records

Marc Bristol

30th Anniversary (2005)


Sweet Misery Moan (1994)

Marc Bristol

The Best of Marc Bristol  - Country, Vol 1 (2002)

Marc Bristol

On the Edge of Romance: The Best of Mark Bristol (2003)

Buffalo Nickel Jug Band

The Buffalo Nickel Jug Band (1972)

Crazy Horse

Rebecca Cohen

Loose (1971)

You Hung The Moon (2008)

Dynamic Logs

The Vinyl Reunion  (1985)

File Gumbo Zydeco Band

Mardi Gras in New Orleans (1998)

Jerry Garcia

Garcia (Compliments of Garcia) ( 1974)

Jerry Garcia

Denny Hall

All Good Things…Studio Sessions (2004)

Nite Cafe (2006)

John Hall

John Hall (1978)

Country Dave Harmonson

Country Dave Harmonson

Stampede Pass ( 1991)


I'll Have the Country Music, Please (2007)

Terry Holder

Hot Lips and Fingertips

Ticket to the Moment (2009)

Hot Lips and Fingertips (2001)

Hot Lips and Fingertips

Linda Ronstadt

Little Feat

Live From O'Mahony's (2005) 


Live @ McCabes 1974


Live From Neon Park (1996)

Little Feat

Hotcakes and Outtakes (2000)

Jelly w/Amy Madigan

A True Story (1977)

Ian Matthews

Some Days You Eat the Bear, Some Days the Bear Eats You (1974)

Ian Matthews

Go For Broke (1975)

Ian Matthews

Siamese Friends (1979)

Iain Matthews

Orphans & Outcasts vol 1 (1993)

Iain Matthews

Ignatowski Eels

Seattle Years 1978-1984 (1996)

Sympathy 4 the Devil (2008)

Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Kate and Anna McGarrigle (1975)

Kate & Anna McGarrigle

French Record (1980)

Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Entre la Jeunesse et la Tendresse (2004)

Danny O’Keefe

The Global Blues (1979)

Danny O’Keefe

Runnin’ from the Devil (2000)

Danny O’Keefe

KEZX Album Project 2 (1986)

Danny O’Keefe

Classics (2004)

Danny O'Keefe

Danny O'Keefe

Olson Brothers Band

The Hereafter/Songs For Shelter (2005)

In Time (2008)

River in the Rain (1992)

Jim Page

Human Interesting (2003)

Bonnie Raitt

Live from the Record Plant 9-12-1973

Ginny Reilly

Oh, Reilly! (1986)

j.r. richards

Sibling Bros


Chinna Smith

AfriQueen Stare (2003)

Washington, Washington (1989)


We Got Love (1977 ?)

John David Souther

John David Souther (1972)

Jim Sullins

Inside Thunder Outside Laughing (1974)

Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor (1973)

Kim Townsend

Wayworn Traveler (2003)

Eva Tree

Wendy Waldman

Sail Away (2006)

Gypsy Symphony (1974)

Leslie West

The Great Fatsby (1975)

Leslie West

Blood of the Sun: 1969-1975 (1996)

Cris Williamson

Prairie Fire (1985

Cris Williamson

Cris Williamson


Best of Chris Williamson (1990)


Fringe (2008)


Walking Tall Part 1

Walking Tall Part II

Goldy, Last of the Golden Bears,

Paint Your Wagon

Great Texas Dynamite Chase

White Line Fever

Jessie’s Girls


Gidget 1959 (Playing the challenging role of 8 year old boy in the background on the beach.  Don't blink. You'll miss it.)


The music you are hearing is Joel's slide guitar in an excerpt from a Filé Gumbo CD "Mardi Gras in New Orleans".  For more information about this band and their music, click this link: