Lemp Breweriana
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If you're going to serve a fancy beer you have to use a fancy glass!  Like many brewers at the time, Lemp reinforced the brand name recognition within the marketplace with glasses (usually given away to restaurants, hotels, taverns, etc.) bearing the Lemp name.
Prior to the manufacture of paper cups, shell glasses were produced as throw-away glasses.  Their thin construction and small size made it practically impossible to wash without damaging the glass.  Consequently, they were used once by a patron and typically thrown out with the trash.

Three variations of "Gemutlichkeit" shell glasses, 4 1/2" 4 1/8" and 3 3/4" tall, c1900.

Embossed pilsner glass with "W J Lemp's", 7 1/4" tall, c1892.

Shell glass with "Lemp's St. Louis" and "Standard Pale Culmbacher", 4" tall, c1890.

Lemp shield shell glass, 4 3/4" tall, c1910.

Lemp goblet, 5 1/2" tall, c1910.

Embossed tulip-shaped glass with "W J Lemp's", 7" tall, c1892.

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"Waisted" glass with similar design to that on the left, 4 3/4" tall, c1890.

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Lemp shell glass, 4" tall, dated 1900.