Lemp Breweriana
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Although there doesn't seem to be an abundance of styles or scenes associated with the Lemp trays, they are nonetheless extremely sought after by collectors. One problem commonly seen with off-grade Lemp trays is that the paint is very susceptible to flaking and popping-off, much more so than with trays of other brands of the same time period. I've been told that the reason for this is that the primer coat of paint used during the printing process was of an inferior grade. Exposure to heat and cold along with fluctuations in humidity levels causes the paint to expand and contract which leads to cracking, crazing, and the flaking of the paint.

"Gemutlichkeit" or "Top Hat Man" tray, 12" diameter, c1895.

Extremely rare Falstaff tray (unfortunately repainted), 12 1/4" x 17 1/4", c1905.

Lemp "shield" or "sunburst" tray, 13" diameter, c1900.

I've been told that at least two other varieties of the Lemp "shield" or "sunburst" trays exist.  One has a blue background and the other has an off-white or silver background.

Another Lemp "shield" tray variety, 12" diameter, c1905.