Stanford Projects
Projects for the Music, Science, and Technology Masters program at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).

Firefly detects the location of moving lights using two USB cameras.  The location information is used to locate virtual sound sources in a slab3d-rendered virtual acoustic environment.  In performance applications, an FM transmitter is used to transmit the slab3d binaural output to the audience.  Firefly's first iteration was called SLABCam.

SLABCam (camera tracking part 1)    Project Plan    Final Project

Firefly (camera tracking part 2)    Final Project

pd extern firefly~.cpp and pd FM patch example

2001 Modeling Interaural Time Difference Assuming a Spherical Head    Paper
2001 HRTF Error Analysis using Spectral Power Ratios    Paper    Slides
Spatial Sound Compositions and Demos - HEADPHONES REQUIRED!
These were also created for the MST program at CCRMA.
2002 Scars of Unknown Origin
by Joel Miller, Rich Spelker, Melanie Doyle, and John Reily
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2001 Madness, Experienced by a Man Standing in the Subway
by Melanie Doyle (Text, Voice) and Joel Miller (Arrangement, Spatialization, Voice)
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2001 Fly Demonstration
10s mixer panning, 10s slab3d HRTF processing (electromagnetically tracked source)
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