Tunnels & Bridges Quiz

There are many river crossings in the New York City Metro area. In the following list, I'll give you the name of the crossing, you supply the line (eg., Eighth Ave) that uses it and the train names, letters, or numbers (eg., AMTRAK, B, 3) which use it and the river it crosses (eg., Harlem River): ONE POINT FOR EACH PART OF ANSWER (3 points max for each)

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1. Lexington Ave
2. Joralemon Street
3. 53rd Street
4. Manhattan Bridge
5. Clark Street
6. 14th Street (this one's easy)
7. Steinway Tunnel
8. MacAdoo Tunnel
9. Cranberry Street
10.60th Street
11.Williamsburg Bridge
12.Rutgers Street
13.Montague Street
14.Beach Channel
15. 225th Street
16. Park Avenue
17. 63rd Street
Double Points for these:
18. Brooklyn Bridge
19. Queensboro Bridge
20. Spuyten Duyvil
21. Passaic River
22. Which of the above bridges lift or turn to allow boats to pass (1 point for each named. 2 points for any named which are not on above list)
23. What kind of cars first operated through the Steinway Tunnel?
24. Two (2) points for each location a subway, elevated, or railroad (LIRR, Conrail etc) made connections with a FERRY line (eg., SOUTH FERRY IRT - STATEN ISLAND FERRY). (I can think of at least 9)
25. Three points for the closest place to New York City a freight train may cross the Hudson River without using Penn Station or car float.

If you get all of the parts to all of the questions, you will earn 100 points. If you use correct answers to #22 or 24 that I did not think of, you'll earn 2 points for each.

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