So, you think you know your way around the New York City subway system? This quiz is designed to see how well you do know it.

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Some of the questions are meant to be humorous so DO look for possible double meanings and trick questions!

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Question 26 is a 9 part multiple question worth up to 28 points (that's 103 total).


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1. What date and time did the first official subway train operate in New York?
2. What route and stations did the first line follow?
3. What is the friendliest station in the subway?
4. Name the only IND station which has been closed, the line to it abandoned, and both station and line demolished.
5. What is the western most station in the subway system? This does not include the SIRT (on Staten Island).
6. What is the funniest station in the system?
7. What was the name of the only private subway car ever in New York?
8. Who was its owner?
9. There were a number of other subway cars which had names. Name at least two of them.
10. In the days when the old elevated lines (Els) operated through out Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, There were three (3) locations where transferring passengers walked DOWNSTAIRS from a SUBWAY train to catch an EL train. Name one of these locations.
11. How many main tracks are there between Brighton Beach and Ocean Parkway.
12. What is the most religious station on the system.
13. What is the holiest?
14. Why is the SEVENTH Ave and 53rd St station unique?
15. What do ATLANTIC Ave (IRT), PENNSYLVANIA Station (IRT) and 34TH St-EIGHTH Ave (IND) have in common?
16. What is the tastiest station?
17. What is the widest elevated station in the system?
18. What stations are part of a good poker hand?
19. What is the most unusual station in the system?
20. At one time one subway service line (letter or number) operated in all four boroughs of the system. What was it?
21. The station where the J, L, A and C meet in Brooklyn has a number of names, name one.
22. What is the longest single trip you can take without changing trains?
23. What is the longest one way trip you can take with one change of trains?
24. Before the IND and BMT lines were connected at the Manhattan Bridge, where did the tracks that now go to BROADWAY lead?
25. What rush hour trains operated on those tracks?
26. There are stations named for AVENUES from First to Ninth throughout the system. For one point each name the cross street or line name and the train service that stops at each.
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