A Reassessment of Jack White’s "The Photographic evidence from A to Z"

By Ron Hepler

I intend to point out where Jack is right as well as where he is wrong; although I will not address every point that is made.

"A is for Altgens…Windshield hole"

What Jack describes as a bullet hole in the windshield, is nothing more than a black woman holding a folded newspaper as viewed through the windshield of the Limo.

"A is for Altgens…8 shows Zapruder?"

Jack indicates that the Altgens 8 shows Zapruder to be little taller than the 4 foot tall pedestal. But jack neglects to take into consideration the line of sight from Altgens camera on the opposite side of Elm St has a significant upward tilt. This combined with the fact that Zapruder is well behind the pedestal shows that Jack has not adequately taken ‘Perspective’ into consideration, before making his claim.

"B is for Backyard…faked photos"

While a few of the points Jack makes may be wrong, he is largely correct about the alteration of the ‘Backyard photos’. He may have even left out some of the more egregious alterations.

"B is for Betzner…Zapruder & Sitzman"

Jack’s claim of alteration is based on fuzzy blow-ups with inadequate illumination. Lack of detail is not proof of alteration.

"B is for Betzner…"limo stopped""

A slowed vehicle with brake lights on traveling directly away can easily be mistaken for a stopped vehicle. A vehicle’s motion can best be determined from the side.

"B is for Betzner…Z frames disappear"

Dallas surveyor Breneman reports a blob emerging from the back of JFK’s head in frames from the Z-film. Since this blob is no longer visible, this is evidence of alteration.

"B is for Bronson…the Zapruder waltz"

Jack misinterprets a photo with inadequate detail wrongly, placing Sitzman in front of Zapruder and making her much taller.

"C is for Cancellare…Pickupman & bed"

What Jack misinterprets as a cover over the bed of the truck, is an illusion caused by a vertical motion blur widening the reflection off the edge of the pickup bed.

"E is for Ekdahl…over 6 feet"

Jack’s note of the small difference in height of Ekdahl and Marguerite does not even consider the strong likelihood that Marguerite was wearing high heals in the photo.

"F is for Franzen…mystery woman"

Jack is easily confused, by photos taken from different points of view.

"G is for Ginandtonicman…gin or signs"

In the event of a lack of evidence, Jack always has his imaGINation.

"K is for Kennedy…autopsy fake pix"

Jack is correct that the alleged autopsy photo does not show the hole in the back of the head that was described by a multitude of people. This is absolutely evidence of a fake autopsy photo.

"H is for Hill…standing in the street"

If Hill had been in the street as Jack claims, little or none of their socks would have been visible above the curb.

"L is for Lamppost...changed up"

The lampposts were moved back away from the street to comply with a Federal Traffic Safety regulation change. They were probably replaced rather than just moved due to corruption in bid administration.

"M is for Moorman…in the street"

Jack starts with the presumption that Mary is in the street when she takes her famous photo, and ignores all evidence to the contrary.

"R is for Rifles…3 guns said to be same"

The apparent differences in the rifles are due to the photos being taken with the rifles at different angles to the film plane. Areas near the camera appear longer, while areas further from the lens appear shorter. Perspective error revisited.

"R is for Rifles…connection to LHO"

Jack misidentifies the leather strap loop as a non-existent round strap attachment ring.

"R is for Roscoe…whose chin"

Jack does a good job of identifying Rosco White’s chin as the likely stand-in to which LHO’s head was attached in the Backyard Photos.

"S is for shadows…wrong angle"

Due to the difference in lamppost shadow angle, Jack proposes that the film was shot prior to the assassination. Every other lamppost in Dealy Plaza was relocated; what are the chances that these didn’t move.

"S is for Stemmons…image mismatch"

The photos need only be taken from slightly different location on the pedestal, but that is not even considered.

While Jack has made some excellent contributions in the photographic area, he is not an expert photo analyst.