Was Mary Moorman standing in the street?
The answer’s no and here’s why!!



Was Mary Moorman standing in the street when she took her famous photograph? Jack White thought she was and took this as evidence that the Zapruder film had been forged. He persuaded Dr. David Mantik and Dr. James Fetzer that this was the case and they enthusiastically backed his claim. Lately, Dr. John Costella further backed White’s claim with a seemingly rigorous scientific examination of the Moorman photo.

The great thing about science is that its method permits the finding of mistakes and then progress through their disclosure. So in this case.

Dr. Costella made mistakes in his calculations but his method was sound. Once the mistakes of calculation are identified, his method can be used to show definitively that Moorman was standing on the grass where she is shown to be standing in the Zapruder film. In this way, true science — not "assassination science" — brings with it greater and greater convergence of evidence.

We offer this study as an attempt to bring the curtain down on one of the silliest excursions of research in the Kennedy assassination.

Joe Durnavich, Ron Hepler, Craig Lamson, Gary Mack, Josiah Thompson and David Wimp


  1. Gap Measurement
    1. The Costella Gap Measurement
    2. Edges and Gaps in Blurred Photographs
    3. The Drum Scan Gap
    4. Comparison of the Drum Scan and Costella Gaps
    5. Empirical Measurements Confirm Drum Scan Gap Figures
  2. A Brief History of the Moorman Controversy
  3. Resources

For a collection of rebuttals to Jim Fetzer's book, The Great Zapruder Film Hoax,
see Assassinated Science: The Great Zapruder Film Hoax

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Last updated April 8, 2002