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Technology has decided the fate of so many nations. Hannibal had elephants, the Romans had ironworks.  We all know what modern warfare has evolved into.  Or do we?


Introducing Dreadnaught 2002 (twenty-oh-two), the most advanced aggressor suppression system in the world.  With twin Mk I cannons and dual Razor Lasers, Dreadnaught 2002 is perfect for wide dispersion or surgical strikes.  Not enough?  How about D2002's Hyper Saw that spins at an amazing 6000 RPM. It's made out of the same Depleted Uranium the rest of the armor plated chassis is and can tear down a building in seconds.  But if you think this is what sets D2002 part from any other weapon platform, you would be mistaken.


D2002 is actually two separate and fully functional platforms. All of the features previously mentioned belong solely to the Dreadnaught platform.  Now let's talk about 2002.  Fully automated, 2002 is a hyper combat platform with it's own reinforced chassis, computer targeting system, multitasking capabilities, self contained power plant, and has a constant uplink with Dreadnaught.  What does all this mean?


It means in a combined configuration (as show above), 2002 can pilot Dreadnaught, target all enemy units within a maximum 90o forward arc, and assign each weapon to a different target for simultaneous attack.  Quick and efficient.  But Wait!  There's more.


Dreadnaught and 2002 can operate in an independent configuration as well. Each weapon on Dreadnaught, except the Hyper Saw, can be manually operated by 2002.  Perhaps some of the opposition actually managed to escape into a narrow underground passage - something Dreadnaught would have difficulty in pursuing.  In this scenario, 2002 could take the two Razor Lasers off of Dreadnaught, power them from his own self contained power supply and pursue the opposition on foot until they were all eliminated. Furthermore, because of the constant uplink with Dreadnaught, this configuration allows 2002 to "order" Dreadnaught to surround the enemy or to move about the killing field honing in on the various hostiles 2002 has targeted.  This configuration is absolutely lethal to the opposition! 


There is no mission too large or too small for Dreadnaught 2002.  Fast, powerful, intelligent.  It truly is the ultimate in aggression suppression.


So what are you waiting for? Don't be the only homicidal dictator without one! And if you order today, we guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.  Call 555-MY-D2002 today!


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