Welcome, do-gooder!  You are about to enter a site that has been created to support a BrikWars game where super powered beings are a reality.  Don't know what BrikWars is about?  Click here to go to the official site and find out.  You'll be glad you did.  As for the rest of you, simply click on 'Story' to start.

The first episode took place on January 18, 2003.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, so hopefully before long, there will be a second episode.  The write-up of the game is forthcoming.  Check the NELUG news group on LUGNET for any additional game dates.

For additional images of the villains, click here.

If you really have nothing better to do and would like to find out about how I created this site (don't expect much), including credits and a few links, click here.

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