As an infant, young Timmy Jones showed exceptional potential. At eight months, his parents discovered his ability to fly, and quickly became overjoyed with pride for their young offspring. But as Timmy grew, an inability to comprehend colors and a fondness for slamming his own head into things worried his parents. Oft times they would be awoken in the middle of the night to the sounds of monstrous thuds and joyous laughter as Timmy repeatedly flew himself into the walls of his room for fun.

Nineteen years later, with Timmy still in the 2nd grade, his parents finally gave up on school all together, and instead began looking for places for their son to enter society. While his ability to fly and gross tolerance for head trauma appeared to be blessings, most employers seldom enjoyed the benefits of such traits, instead focusing on the negative side of Timmy never passing middle school.

After some hard effort and a little luck, a demolition crew spied the potential use for this young would-be hero. Saving the company the cost and time of expensive wrecking balls, cranes, and explosives, Timmy was able to use his powers to take down any building that stood in his way, usually being paid in gummy worms or colorful stickers.

But recently, Provost Marshal Graham, seeking new talent for TEAM (Terrorist Elimination And Mitigation), contacted the youth about signing on to his new elite force. Timmy, upon hearing the news, bashed his head through a cabinet with joy, and quickly accepted the position.

There was only one thing missing. TEAM's need for utter secrecy demanded a code name, by which Timmy would be known to the group. Using all the creative and inventive powers he possessed, he enthusiastically suggested "Timmy!", to which the Provost simply replied "Uh... How about something like 'Ram Man'?".

A hero was born.


Character and story:  Dave Eaton


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