Ninja Z's background, like that of most ninjas, is shrouded in mystery.  What is known is this:  He was born into a clan of deadly ninja warriors known to be so silent that none of them ever spoke a word above a whisper in their lives.  When his father discovered that his mother was pregnant, he was so overjoyed that he
couldn't help but run out and slaughter a dozen of his most loyal friends and relatives.  In fact, it was such a joyous occasion, that
he even broke a smile and nearly even laughed.  But he caught himself before making such a terrible tactical blunder, and sliced off his own little toe to punish himself.

Ninja Z grew up in a world of silence and ninja training.  He mastered the Katana by age 5, and by 9 he had become so skilled that he could Hit Real Hard.  At 15 years old, he had even mastered the ability to Walk Through Walls...

A short time after that, Ninja Z left his clan, for unknown reasons.  He disappeared, and using all his ninja training, avoided detection for years.  When he next popped up, he had rescinded his father's and his clan's devotion to silence, gladly shouting and laughing and even speaking to people.  While unwilling to reveal his true name or details of his "missing years", he took a vow to fight crime and champion the oppressed.  With his distinctive cloak, hat and whip, he often marks his opponents by carving a large 'N' for ninja on their internal organs.  However, his passionate disregard for his clan disgraced his family, who were all killed and their heads sent to him via UPS. This did not deter Ninja Z, who simply went to the local UPS office and found out who sent the heads, then tracked him down and killed him.

Now, a lone crime fighter, Ninja Z laughs in the face of danger and the faces of super villains (after he's removed them from their heads, of course).


Character and story:  Neil Silverman


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