Dermitt was a special operative for the Midnight Guild.  He has, in his short 25 years of life, already accrued an impressive resume of assassinations and heists, including a daring midnight rescue of Lisa Marie Presley from her then-husband, Jacko.  Ironically, his bosses were considering staging a redux and having Dermitt rescue her from the clutches of an even-more threatening evil in the form of Nicholas Cage, when their funding abruptly dried up.  Unable to keep both their fleet of fancy armored European roadsters running and foot the bill for Dermitt's impressive Guinness tab, they settled for the finer things in life and laid Dermitt off.  Already teetering on the precarious edge of sanity, as are all tried and true Irishmen, Dermitt jumped over the edge when faced with unemployment.

Dermitt, seeing the errors of his way, now acts as a vengeful protector of the oppressed, fighting to preserve freedom from the Iron Grip of Fascists.  Keep in mind that this is a person who hears Michael Collins and Eamon DeValera in his head, providing a play-by-play commentary of his actions.  It is therefore not surprising that he is often able to project "temporary Irishman status" on any victim, making them worthy of his protection. Likewise, many villains practically glow in his eyes, inciting his to liberate the masses through the use of his trusty submachine guns, Connolley and Pearse.

Amazingly, Dermitt's reputation as an incredibly skilled marksman is not without merit.  Uncannily proficient with firearms, Dermitt has been known to ricochet a shot off two surfaces, which then proceeded to sever a vital support cable, dropping a chandelier on the head of his target.  This not-quite-mundane feat is all the more remarkable given the fact that Dermitt, firmly ensconced behind cover as the enemy was closing on him, made the shot by firing over his shoulder while looking into a mirror to aim.

Additionally, Dermitt loves to tote around his trusty chain.  When given the opportunity, he loves nothing more than to entangle and whip his oppressor with links formed from cold hard steel, bruising their egos even as he welts their bodies.  Whether using his chain as a lasso or firing two automatic pistols from the hip, Dermitt is constantly cracking sidelong jokes with his biting Irish humor, looking for a redheaded lass to bestow his affections on ("Is there some Irish in you, ma'am?  Would you like there to be, ma'am?"), and craving a drop or two of Arthur Guinness's Ambrosia.


Character and story:  Shaun Sullivan


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