When the world was young, the Anasazi roamed the Earth.  They were more than just a nomadic people, for they were part of the world itself.  Where the Anasazi roamed, plants flourished, game was plentiful and the races of Earth thrived, as did peace among them.

But a shadow began to grow in the periphery of all the races.  And soon, Anger was given birth, followed by Hate and Malice.  Colors began to mute and weeds appeared in the world.

The Anasazi, though powerful as gods, could not adequately protect all the peoples of the world.  Soon armies were amassed, lines drawn and battles begun.  The world became at war with itself.  No race of the Earth was safe, even from itself.

For centuries the war raged.  Gone from the knowledge of the world were the High Arts, Trust and Compassion.  In their place grew Weapon Smithing, Dubiety and Indifference.

The wisest and most adept of the Anasazi was named Agot.  Agot brought all the Anasazi together, the first such meeting Time had ever witnessed.  He called upon the power of all of the Anasazi and built a castle three miles high.  Within its walls, a forge that drew upon the power of Earth's core was constructed.  It was time for the Anasazi to wage war against the darkness that afflicted the races of the world.  To this end, a mighty sword was forged from the power of the Earth and of the Anasazi and the Sword of Agot was born.  A single sword with which to purify the world.

A Champion was chosen, cleansed by the Sword and known only as the First. He was then given the Sword of Agot and told to ride all the lands of Earth, striking all who he came in contact with.  The First scourged the Earth and purified all he came across for three hundred years.  When he was done, he returned and placed the Sword of Agot in the heart of the castle.  With the remaining power of the Anasazi, Agot sealed the castle to keep the races of Earth safe from the temptation of power within.

The great castle slowly decayed into a mountain and became known as Ancient's Keep. For seven thousand years, the world remained at peace and the Sword of Agot passed into legend, secure in the heart of the mountain.  But the darkness was cunning and the First missed a few precious beings that carried a shadow in their hearts.  The shadow did not forget about the sword or the castle and for seven thousand years planned and rebuilt its strength.  The Sword of Agot, the shadow decided, would be the vehicle with which to reclaim the Earth.  To this end, the shadow hoarded energy until it had enough to cause the Earth to quake.  The world trembled with such force that that day was forever known as God's Shudder and the races of Earth knew fear again.

The quake caused a great split in the Earth and it cracked Ancient's Keep open, exposing its heart. No longer relegated to the stories of myth and legend, the presence of the Sword of Agot became known to all the races.  No kingdom could withstand whomever possessed such power, should it fall into the wrong hands.  So once again, armies were amassed and now a race was born to find and secure the Sword.  For the only certainty was that each kingdom believed the only way it could be at peace was if it possessed the Sword of Agot.  Once again a shadow appeared in the periphery of the races.



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