Memphis "Piano" Joe
blues boogie woogie piano 50's music
Check out "Piano" Joe's music in his movie debut in
- Timothy Leary's Dead -
"I think you play one hot piano"
Joe Kessler, WHQR - Wilmington, NC
"Great Stuff. There's not near enough instrumental piano blues coming out these days. More! More!" 
"Don O." 
KNON's Best of the Blues, Dallas, TX 

"I want more." 
Ed "Geezer" Archer 
KPFK's Preachin' the Blues, L.A., CA 

"I played it right away." 
Peter Gaulke 
KSOR - FM's The Blues, Ashland, OR 
"We think it's great." 
Stevenson J. Palfi, Producer 
New Orleans, LA 
PBS Documentary on Professor Longhair, "Tuts" Washington & Alan Toussaint

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