Ms. Fox's debut novel is a real treat, full of detailed descriptions and vibrant characters. The reader easily falls in love with Caroline, understanding and sympathizing with her plight. They just as easily fall in love with Antonio, his arrogance and determination, which is endearing rather than annoying. THE RELUCTANT DUKE is not to be missed. If Ms. Fox's second novel, TAME MY HEART is anything like this one, it, too, will be a winner.
...In the Library Reviews
Ms. Fox has woven a sensuous tale of lust and love set against the glamourous backdrop of Victorian London's society. History comes alive in her pages. THE RELUCTANT DUKE is a beautifully crafted romance with several equally intriguing subplots. I recommend this debut author to readers who want to read a new voice in historical romances.
...Ebooks 'n Bytes
THE RELUCTANT DUKE is a very sensuous romance. The sparks really fly when Antonio and Caroline are together. The atmosphere is true to the times...the gentlemen's clubs; the constant rounds of balls; the theatre; the horse promenades in the Park; the rigid rules of etiquette. The story is well-plotted with all the devices necessary for a true romance. The story is fast-moving and enjoyable.
...My Shelf
Ms. Fox has captured the spirits of two very different characters so well in her finely written tale of tragedy, change and burgeoning love between people from two different cultures. THE RELUCTANT DUKE is rich in detail, and the author's structure and writing style flowed smoothly, creating a gentle journey back into the mid-1800's. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
...Road To Romance

THE RELUCTANT DUKE is filled with great characters. Spicy scenes will have you mopping your brow! Ms. Fox has done her research for this time period and also knows her horses.
THE RELUCTANT DUKE is a well-written, extremely entertaining novel that begs to be read. I loved the growing chemistry between Caroline and Antonio and how nicely their love affair was presented. Don't miss this terrific story!
...Romance Reviews Today
THE RELUCTANT DUKE'S secondary characters, Antonio?s sister, Briella and his grandmother, the Dowager Duchess added a nice touch to the story. The author also introduces a number of other characters in this book that I predict could have their own very delightful stories should she want to continue with this family and friends theme.
...Historical Romance Writers Review
I thought THE RELUCTANT DUKE was excellent. I would say the quality is right up there with Johanna Lindsay?s Mallory family books. Colorful details of landscapes and intricate characters make THE RELUCTANT DUKE a highly enjoyable read! The story spans the warm plains of Spain, to the foggy streets of London, to the rolling green hills of Ireland. Readers will be transported right along with the characters. The meticulous research involved, the Spanish and Victorian customs and etiquette, shine through in glorious color and only add to the wonderful budding love story of Antonio and Caroline. Antonio is described as tall, dark and delicious. One can only wonder how long Caroline can resist this Victorian Antonio Bandaras!
...Love Romances
This sizzling story is perfect for the true Romance reader! Ms. Fox Has taken time to research and paint very colorful pictures with her writing. I would venture to say this author will go far with her future works! The secondary characters in this novel will no doubt make fantastic sequels to this wonderful read!
...The Best Reviews
THE RELUCTANT DUKE is a fast-paced, lushly sensual love story. Caroline and Antonio are complex, well-developed characters. It's great fun to watch Antonio try to win his lady. There is a surprising secondary plotline and there are hints that a sequel may be in the works.
Author Joan M. Fox has written a delightful Victorian era romance. I enjoyed THE RELUCTANT DUKE immensely and will definitely look forward to reading more by this author. For a deeply satisfying read, be sure to look for THE RELUCTANT DUKE.
...The Word on Romance

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