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We love our pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in our life.


This is our new Dog and we named her after our last Dog "Fancy" that went to Doggy Heaven last October. We got her in Bouse, AZ last winter while we where in Quartzsite. This picture was taken out by the Fish Pond. Fancy loves it outside and even learned to use the Doggy Door.

Fancy at our Bonanza Home
Picture taken 6-24-2006

Puppies Born 3/3/06 Bouse, AZ
Can You Guess Which One Is Fancy?

Fancy 4 weeks old
Ed holding Fancy

Fancy 1st day with us
Fancy 1st toy "Pinky" the Pig

Fancy 4/7/2006
Joeanne holding Fancy at Karens house

In Remembrance of our 1st Fancy
We lost her in October 2005

The 1st Fancy we had
We had Fancy for about 13 years, she is missed

Fancy II Named after our last Dog

This is a picture taken just before heading home to Bonanza, OR. Fancy was about six weeks old at the time. Fancy did real good traveling home in the Motor Home!!!

Motor Home Space 96 Quartzsite
Picture taken 4-19-2006

Fancy 4 weeks old
Joeanne holding Fancy

Fancy 1st day with us
Sleeping in her new Bed

Fancy first day with us 4/16/06
Ed walking Fancy for the first time!!!

Fancy 1st Bath 5/11/2006
Ed giving Fancy 1st Bath at Bonanza Home

In Remembrance of Miss America
We Lost Her in March 2006

Miss America was the best Cat we ever had
She will be missed as we had her about 6 years

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That will be where there is Sunshine
See Ya Down The Road