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February 2007
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February 2007 Pictures and places we went

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Happy Birthday ED
February 7, ????

Ed holding Birthday Cake
We had a great day!!!

What a beautiful Sunset !!!
That's how I ended my Birthday

Today we had a Rainbow
after some light rain

Joeanne at the Car Show
The RV and Car Show's are in this Big Tent

Car Show
Great Hot Rod

Fancy will be 1 year old March 3 2007

Here it is February and time for my Birthday, wow I will be 29-1/8 this year :)
Joeanne took me out to steak Dinner with Margaritis and got me a Carrot Cake at the local bakery. She said the MotoSat on top of the Motor Home was my Birthday Present!!!! I had a great Birthday even though some of my kids forgot it was my Birthday as Joeanne made up for it :) Happy Birthday!!!

Ed's Birthday Present
Boy!!! My wife sure knows what to get a Guy :)

Same great Sunset
What a great life we get to enjoy in our RV

February 20 2007 Rainbow
light wind, clouds, and some rain

Car Show
Inside Big Tent

Car Show
Great Classic

In January they have the RV Show in the Big Tent and in February they have the Car Show and Craft Show then things start to slow down in Quartzsite.

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  40' HR Endeavor RV
Home is where we are parked
That will be where there is Sunshine
See Ya Down The Road