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Information about Our 2002 3-Slide Holiday Rambler 40 Foot Endeavor Motor Home

Ed and Joeanne
Christmas 2006

Upgrades By Ed

New Owners Ed & Joeanne Sawyer
Upgrades by Ed

1- Tivo Receiver for Direct TV with Fan
2- Acu-Rite Weather & Atomic Time System front/rear of Coach
3- Duel Electric Blankit on Bed
4- RoadMaster Stowaway to store Guardian Sheild on back of Coach
5- Install Tripp-Lite Surge 6-plug on Dinette Table Cabinet
6- Install 110 volt recepticle in front basement bay
7- Install storage racks in both front bays on passenger side
8- Install Hat & Coat rack in Bedroom
9- Install non-slip strips in shower

Hughes Tivo
And 110 Volt Fan

Added Shelf with Wireless Network System
This Shelf & one in next bay are both for storage

10- Install Stay-A-While Valve's and Hose on Propane Tank for a 30 LB Propane Tank as not to move Motor Home for Propane
11- Install Valve and Quick Coupler on Coach for Propane Heater
12- Install Hose & Quick Coupler on Legacy Blue Flame Propane Heater
13-HughesNet TriPod Internet Satellite System. See # 28 & 29 for change of systems
14- Install Internet Wireless System on added Rack in front Bay, Battery Back-up, Modem, 2-Linksys Routers, Netgear SC101 Wireless Hard Drives
15- Reanchor wash/dryer to floor as it broke loose
16- Install 300 watt Inverter for LapTop Computers

ACU-RITE in Living Room
Weather and Atomic Time/Date

ACU-RITE in the Bedroom
Weather and Atomic Time/Date

17- Install full Coach RO Water System (Uses 100 gallon Fresh Water Tank)
18- Install Inlet and Outlet valve's for Testing the water for PPM
19- Install 4-Valve Water Header to Coach
20- Install Valve to Black water tank flush system
21- Install water pressure gauge on house water system
22- Replace Incedesdent light with Flourecent light over Toilet in Bathroom
23- Have each individual Axle Weighed By Weigh-IT Portable Scales at 586-246-3048
24- Remove CrossFires and send them to the Factory to be calibrate for the new Weights
25- Install Pressure Pro to monitor all Tires going down the Hiway on MH & Toad
26- Have installed on MH & Toad M&G Air Brakes with Break Away System
27- Install Book Rack in Bathroom (Reading Room)
28- Have installed MotoSat DataStorm Internet & TV Satellite Dish where the KingDome Dish was installed. Sold KingDome & Tripod Dish's
29- Move all Computer Equipment from Basement to Cabinet above Desk and install Wi-Fi Antenna on roof. All done by Custom Coach Connection.com
30- Custom Made Dash Cover for Motor Home and Colorado

Legacy Blue Flame Heater
Thermostat Controlled Propane Heater

Water Disbursement Header
Inlet pressure & House Pressure Gauges

RO Water System with Pressure Gauge
Booster Pump, Float shut-off controller, Low Pressure shut down

RO Water System
Water Header, Flush Valve, Gauges

RO Water Filters
3 of 5 Water Filters on this system

MotoSat DataStorm
Looks good on front of Motor Home

Satellite and Computer Electronics
Moved to Cabinet above Computer Desk

M&G Ultra Stop Tow Brake System
Air and Break-A-Way on Car

Custom Made Dash Cover's
For the Motor Home and Colorado

Pressure Pro Monitoring System
Dealer Ed Sawyer 541-521-6872

The Pictures below is the PressursPro System that I installed on our HR Endeavor Motor Home and Chevy Colorado

Pressure Pro Monitoring System
Sensors (4) on Chevy Colorado Tow Car

Pressure Pro Tire Monitoring System
Sensors (2) Motor Home Front Tires

31- Replace sewer hose with 2 Rhino-Flex Hose folds to 4' out to 15'
32- Install 2 4"x5' Tubes to store Rhino-Flex sewer hose in under rear of Coach
33- More Upgrades to come when I get more Money :)

Upgrades By Gordon

Original Owners Gordon & Bea Moeller
Upgrades by Gordon & Bea

1- Banks Power Pack
2- Back-Up Sonar
3- Added the long Grab Bar on Dash at enterence step in coach
4- Made the 2 solid aluminum brackets for shower
5- Added 2 adjustable reading lights under cabinets next to Couch & Recliner
6- Replace Incedesdent light with Flourecent light over dinette table
7- Install 110 outlet in Battery compartment & Battery MinderCharger
8- Install CrossFire Equalization System on rear Dual Tires
9- Replace Reflectors with Clearance Lights outside front of Coach

Added Light in Kitchen
Upgrade by Gordon

aFe Lifetime
Air Filter

10- Rewired Horns so Air Horn works at Wheel and Regular Horn on Console Switch reversed from the Factory
11- Install wall light in Kitchen next to control panel
12- Install Hair Dryer by sink in Bedroom
13- Make and install remote control holder next to Recliner
14- Install Fire Extinguisher in Bedroom
15- Install Lock in Engine compartment door
16- Install clamp on wash/dryer drain hose
17- Install bracket for Flashlite in Bedroom

20-50 Amp Power Surge Protector
Electrical Managemtent System

50 Amp Electric
Power Cord Reel

18- Howard Power Center Steering System
19- 50 Amp Electric Power Cord Reel
20- 50 Amp Power Surge Protector
21- Smart Sensor Water Pump
22- Lifetime aFe Air Filter
23- Install Radar Detector
24- Added upper Convex Mirrors
25- Install E-Z Gutter
26- Install Joey Bed in Basement for storage
27- Had installed an automatic electric fan on the Cummins Engine
28- Installed Kenwood radio and 10 CD changer
29- Install Magazine Rack next to passanger seat for Maps etc.
30- Install Soap Dispensers Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Sinks
31- Install Moen Faucet in Kitchen Sink
32- Sterling Aluminum Tow Bar
33- Roadmaster Guardian Shield
34- VIP - TOW >< BRAKE

Phone and Cable TV Reels
For RV Park Hook-ups

Howard Power Center Steering System
Main Unit Air over Hydraulic

Howard Power Center Steering System
Drivers Trim Control Console

Air Valve and Quick Coupler
To Air-up the Tires or ?

Banks Power
435 HP Great on the hills

New MotoSat DataStorm Internet & TV Dish
Installed By Custom Coach Connection.com

Ed standing in front of MH & MotoSat
This Dish takes one finger on a button to setup!!!

MotoSat DataStorm
Wi-Fi Internet Antenna

M&G Ultra Stop Tow Brake System
This is an Air Cylinder that works on the Coach Air

M&G Ultra Stop Tow Brake System
Air & Break-A-Way on Motor Home

PressurePro Sales Link

Dealer for Pressure Pro Monitoring System
Ed Sawyer 541-521-3879  E-Mail:
pressurepro@gmail.com with PressurePro in
subject line.
If we can help with Purchase or Info and
price please contact us.
Having peace of mind when you Tow
use Pressure Pro Monitoring System
to check your Tires before leaving on
a trip and it will Alert you on
loss of air on your travels.
Comming Soon!! Our Web Site for
Pressure Pro Monitoring System

Pressure Pro Tire Monitoring System
Monitor Main Unit at Drivers Seat

Pressure Pro Monitoring System & CrossFire System
Sensors (4) & CrossFire on Rear of Motor Home Tire's

2 4" X 5' ABS pipe with Caps mounted under rear
For 2 Rhino-Flex Sewer Hoses Storage

Rhino-Flex Sewer Hose
Folds down to 45" and stretch's out to 15 foot

Inside Our Motor Home

This is the inside of our Motor Home
View is from Hall to Front Living Area

This is the inside of our Motor Home
Ed's Office, TV Viewing and napping area

Inside Our Motor Home
Front area and Dash

This is the inside of our Motor Home
Dinning area with Hutch

Inside Our Motor Home
Dinning Table and Electric Sofa Bed

This is the inside of our Motor Home
View from front of coach to Kitchen & Dinning

This is the inside of our Motor Home
Kitchen with 4 door frig

This is the inside of our Motor Home
This is our Shower

Inside Our Motor Home
Bathroom Clock Gorden had set to Oregon time

This is the inside of our Motor Home
Our inclosed private Bathroom

This is the inside of our Motor Home
Power Management Center in hall

This is the inside of our Motor Home
Our Bedroom with Queen Size Bed

This is the inside of our Motor Home
Bedroom TV with Washer/Dryer below

This is the inside of our Motor Home
Dresser and Joeanne's Wash Basin in Bedroom

This is the inside of our Motor Home
Mirrored Double Door Closet

Inside Our Motor Home
Bedroom Dresser

This Page Will Be Updated As Needed

  40' HR Endeavor RV
Home is where we are parked
That will be where there is Sunshine
See Ya Down The Road