Vectrex system and peripherials.

I have two Vectex systems, one that works, and one that I screwed up by installing a cap backward during a complete cap replacement procedure. (Can anyone help fix it? Just flipping the cap back didn't work, I'm now getting weird voltages out of the power supply into the main board...)

I also have the light pen in an excellent condition box (except the flap has been folded), and the 3D Imager and all 3 of the games. (Complete!)

The large black 'Passport' magazine in the first picture is a black-and-white photocopy of the first (and only I believe) special fan club magazine. I met someone on the internet several years ago that had an original one of these, and I got him to send me a photocopy. I'm pretty sure that any web site that has scans of this magazine are using scans from these photocopies that I obtained. Unfortunately, the person wasn't interested in selling it and I lost contact with him before I could arrange any kind of color copies of it.

Back before the days of menu driven multi-carts, I also built a DIP-switch driven multi-cart (no pic) (from a design supplied by a friend of mine who knows a bit more about these things than I do... funny how an EE degree will do that.)