Vectrex promotional items.

Several promotional items for the Vectrex game system have been found. The most common are the pamphlets that come with the system and the games. These show what games will be released in the future, and what peripherials are available for the system.

Lots of other items have been discovered. Not all of them are true promo items, since they were purchased through the fan club or by other means, but they are very hard to find, and you had to go through extra steps to get them (they weren't just sold at Sears):

These items were available through the Vectrex fan club:
Passport magazine: official fan club magazine.
Carrying case: sold through the fan club.
Dust cover: also sold through the fan club.

These items are promotional items, not all available to the public:
Mine Storm II: 13th level bug fix cartridge, given to customers.
Mr. Boston: version of Clean Sweep used as advertising for a store called Mr. Boston. (Overlay)
Service Manual: Repair guide sent to warranty service providers (I have one!).
Test cartridge: diagnostic cartridge and manual for repairing the machine.
Clear lightpen: demonstration item used to show the inside of the light pen.
Dark Tower: never sold, but completed prototype game exists (based on MB board game of same name).
Pole Position 3D: Version of the game meant to be used with 3D Imager. Uncompleted code has been found, but it isn't completed enough to be playable.
Mailplane: never sold, but completed, promotional cartridges are believed to exist (maybe...)
Horoscope vending machine that used the Vectrex as the heart of the system.
This letter was sent to the warranty service providers informing them that the Vectrex was no longer being manufactured, and thus their services were no longer needed.
This invoice is a list of parts sent in a standard service provider parts kit.