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                           Welcome to my web site!
  I am a retired engineer with a variety of interests one of which is sphere making.  I've been building sphere machines for a few years now and it has been a lot of fun.  I've experimented with several sizes and shapes and configurations.  These pages show some of the machines that demonstrated particular usefulness for some part of the sphere or marble making process.  I will build and ship to you any of these machines.  The price is dependent on the cost of materials and the amount of effort. 
    I make these machines 1 or 2 at a time and normally have at least one of each on hand at any one time.  Since I have my own little machine shop (very little), I can manufacture most anything that is required to build these devices. 
  This website will be mostly about sphere making, but may have a few diversions, such as the sawmill I built. More about that later.
  In the mean time, making spheres requires more than just a sphere machine.  You will need a rock saw and a grinder to turn rough rocks into objects that are suitable for the machine.  If, like me, you would rather build it yourself, then feel free to look at the pictures and read the descriptions and build it yourself.  Most of these machines are simple in construction and use.  These particular machines are designed to be constructed of wood with metal used only as neccessary so most of the work can be done with woodworking tools. 
  The above picture is a 4 head sphere machine that uses stepper motors.  Although it doesn't take much room, it is surprisingly capable with the capacity to do up to 6" spheres.  I based this 4 head configuration on ideas from the website at .  Their machine was developed to manufacture some perfectly round spheres for tests concerning the theory of relativity.  I no longer offer this machine for sale because of the difficulty of finding cheap stepper motors.
  I cannot say that this machine will make perfectly round spheres.  I understand the concept of perfectly round, but I don't know how to prove it.  One crystal sphere made on a machine like this measured 1.202" +-.001" at every diameter that I measured with dial calipers.  
  For these machines, I definitely recommend diamond filled grinding cups.  You can make your own using diamond filled brazing rods from .  The rods are easy to use and the resulting diamond filling is fast cutting and long lasting.  He has some beautiful spheres for sale and also lists sphere machines.
  I have had a lot of fun building machines and making spheres.  I hope you will too.  Please feel free to email any questions, comments, or even insults. 

Please get in touch to offer comments!

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