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Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Bushevik Neo-Fascist Revolution
The Bushevik Revolution continues to push its neo-Fascist Agenda! Not satisfied controlling the media and most branches of government, the Repugs are now targeting the Judiciary. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and other Repbulicans directly threatened "activist" judges who did not keep the party line. DeLay and Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist have been meeting with Christian Right leaders to work together to get right-wing judges appointed. Frist appeared at a special meeting organized by the Family Research Council to stop the Democratic filibuster (or any future filibuster!) so that the Republicans will be able to approve all of Bush's right-wing nominees... Frist is preparing his 2008 Presidential campaign by pandering the the Christian Right.

The Republican Congress approved a budget with MORE tax cuts for the corporate rich, and MORE cuts in programs for the working class and poor, like medicaid! The Budget deficit continues to grow, and the budget presented by Bush and approved by the Republican Congress does not even include the growing costs of the Iraqi Invasion or the trillions of dollars Bush's plan to "privatize" (i.e., Phase Out!) Social Security will cost.

We are on the road to disaster!

Wake Up People!
4:21 pm pdt

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope, Same Ol' Poop
Catholics have a new Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who is probably to the RIGHT of John Paul ! This guy was a Nazi, and on matters of religon is a Christo-Fascist! As part of the modern Catholic Inquisition, Ratzinger has issued political directives to Catholic politicians and leaders to oppose feminism, gay and lesbian civil rights, and opposes gender equality and birth control in the Catholic church. He will, do doubt, take an even more authoritarian stand against marriage equality.

Ratzinger also authored a Vatican document called a "battle plan for Catholic politicans" which basically demands that Catholic politicans use the government to enforce Catholic dogma on American citizens. He opposes "secularism" and, thus, supports theocratic government, and will probably try to regain Catholic political power in Europe and support theocracy there too.

Its back to the Dark Ages...

7:33 pm pdt

Monday, April 11, 2005

Uncle Tom Republican Update
Well sadly there is more news to report on Uncle Tom Republicans (self-loathing homosexual conservatives or "homocons") who sell-out the gay community and aid the enemies of progressive allies who support us.

It was reported around the internet that Arthur Finkelstein, a gay Republican consultant who has run attack ads supporting homophobic bigot Jesse Helms, "married" his male partner. He is also organizing the "Stop Hillary Now" campaign to destroy Hillary Clinton. He has sent thousands of letters to raise money which call Sen. Clinton an "ultra liberal" and "radical". This homocon is disgusting and pure evil. He should read David Brock's book Blinded by the Right. (Brock was once an anti-clinton attack dog for the anti-gay Republican Right.)

The Log Cabin Republicans have signed a letter along with anti-gay conservative groups like Next USA (the group that ran the ads attacking the AARP for supporting same-sex marriage) supporting the Bush and GOP scheme to privatize social security. These Uncle Tom Republicans are now trying to make-up with the Bush administration and pledged to support the rest of the Republican Right conservative agenda. LCR was a sponsor for a conservative conference that featured homphobe Karl Rove, the architect of the GOP gay bashing Federal Marriage Amendment campaign. With "friends" like these guys who needs enemies?

9:39 pm pdt

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Air America Radio Screwed Up
One of my favorite radio programs on Air America Radio, Unfiltered with Rachel Maddow, has been replaced with Jerry Springer! Not only was Rachel Maddow smart, intelligent (she has a Ph.D in Political Science!), but she was a lesbian! It was so exciting to not only listen to a very informative radio talk show in the morning on the way to work, but to hear a fellow gay person! Now we have to listen to Jerry Springer, and I'm sorry, he sucks. I hope his name helps Air America get more listeners, but after the first week I doubt it will, and it may send a lot of people back to NPR....

According to the Unfiltered blog on Air America's website, Rachel Maddow will have a new show on Air Amercia from 5 AM to 7 AM EASTERN! Thats 4 am Memphis time.. (that would be a good time for Jerry Springer).

Al Franken will be in Memphis this month to broadcast live from the National Civil Rights Museum, but I have to work and can't go ...

I've been begging 680 AM's program director to let me try a local radio program...but it looks like they have a full schedule from Air America nationally, and may have a local program with Leon Gray, who is NOT a progressive liberal and seems to be more conservative than anyone on Air America.

9:56 pm pdt

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Thoughts on Pope John Paul II & the Catholic Church
Much of the world is mourning the death of Pope John Paul II, but I find it difficult. While John Paul II did take a few progressive stands against the death penalty and spoke out against war and poverty, he was a staunch opponent of gay and lesbian equality and called gay marriage an "ideology of evil." Under his leadership, the Catholic Church continued its opposition to sensible and necessary reproductive rights, including contraception and condoms, and impeded the fight against AIDS and over-population. He was one of the most right-wing Pontiff's and a close ally of right-wing political leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

The Catholic Church spear-headed many of the state and national anti-gay marriage initiatives in the United States, and joined with other Christian Right political organizations to promote and support other anti-gay campaigns. Not only has the Pope and the Catholic Cult condemned homosexuality as "evil," the Vatican published a pamphlet that condemns feminism for "bluring the differences between the sexes," and for making homosexulaity more acceptable.

It is doubtful that the next Pope will extend the Catholic Church's compassion to gays and lesbians who are not dying of AIDS. As far as I'm concerned, the Catholic Church is an out-dated religious institution promoting ignorance, sexism and homophobia.

To learn more about the harm the Catholic Church has inflicted upon humanity, read Helen Ellerbe's THE DARK SIDE OF CHRISTIANITY. <BR>
7:11 pm pdt

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