John Matturri

Born, Newark, N.J., lives NYC.

In the 1980s, presented slide performances under the general name Circles of Confusion and performed improvised projections with and as part of musical works by John Zorn. Studied photography with Ken Heyman and Lisette Model. Currently exhibits photographs at The Phatory, NYC; also has exhibited with June Bateman Gallery.

Has written on avant-garde film, photography, performance art, and the cultural context of gravestone and memorial landscape design.

Graduate work in Cinema Studies at NYU and Philosophy at CUNY Graduate Center. Has taught Philosophy at Queens College, New York University, Marymount Manhattan, and elsewhere; presently teaching Film and Philosophy at Queens College. Philosophical interests include pictorial representation, the metaphysics of fiction, and cognitive science approaches to understanding art.

Performed with Richard Foreman's Ontological-Hysteric Theatre, Ken Jacobs' New York Apparition Theatre, Stuart Sherman's Spectacles, Michael Kirby's Structuralist Workshop, and William Niederkorn's The True Comedy Theatre, and in a number of films. Last seen in title role of Richard Foreman's Eddie Goes to Poetry City, directed by Yolanda Hawkins and presented as part of Todo Con Nada's Foreman Festival. Worked as slide photographer and cinematographer for Jack Smith, Stuart Sherman, Elizabeth Schwartz, among others.

email: jmatturr@earthlink.net