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Wrap us up in love!

Cat's Paw Shawl (corner)

Cat's Paw Shawl detail (from scanner)

My first shawl!  From Martha Waterman's book, Traditional Knitted and Lace Shawls (first edition).  The yarn is Columbia Minerva fingering weight wool I bought at a garage sale for 10 cents per skein.  I used five skeins for a total of 50 cents in materials!  Sweet!  If I did this again, I would make it bigger.

Easy Mohair Scarf Shawl

This shawl is adapted from the Easy Mohair Scarf Pattern (see link below).  I made it 8 repeats of the pattern wide, and it is 7 feet long.  This is really nice to wrap up in on the couch--even my husband likes it!  The yarn is a light blue synthetic mohair I had in the stash.  I used all the blue until I ran out.

Easy Mohair Scarf

Jacob and Janet in the Lacy Prairie Shawl

Lacy Prairie Shawl detail

For this shawl, I used Cheryl Oberle's "Lacy Prairie Shawl" pattern from Folk Shawls.  This was very easy to do--I knitted it while helping students in a one-on-one setting.  The yarn is an unknown handspun wool I bought at Workman Farms in Fallon, Nevada.  I had a ball about 6" in diameter, and ran out before the top border finished.  It's lovely and warm!

Coming soon:  Clapotis!

Updated January 17, 2006.