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Pictures, patterns, and notes to share with knitting friends.

What am I working on now?

I'm working on the Sweater Sampler from Jackie McFee's book.  I'm into the color work at the top of the sampler, so it's almost finished.  I've got a couple of pairs of socks on the needles I need to finish, and then it's the Christmas Push.  I'm going to try to finish crowns for Janet (from a free Knitting Daily pattern) and a pullover for Jacob using Dale Baby Ull.  Crazy me.  I can't believe how these kids have grown! 

Knit for the troops!

If you are interested in knitting for our troops overseas, helmet liners are a wonderful small project.  If you want to sew something, or know someone who sews, neck coolers for summer are welcome.  You can also contact me about projects the VFW needs for veterans in our Vets Homes and Hospitals.

Knitting Links

Here are some sites I like:

Ravelry! For up to date pics of my FOs, visit mrsjkoster here.

Yahoo! Groups

Emily Way's Wool Works Online Knitting Compendium

Knitlist Gift Patterns

Sarah Bradberry's Knitting-and Site

Knitty (has the BEST article on blocking!)

Vintage Yarn Information Charts

Men Knit Mag

Cincinnati Knitting

Blue Baby Set for Andy

Blue Cardigan

Green boucle pullover, Brown Sheep special yarn

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