John J. Potterat
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John J. Potterat


John Potterat interviewed by Mary-Charlotte Domandi on 27 Jan 2005, Santa Fe Radio Cafe, KSFR 90.7 FM, Santa Fe Public Radio

The above is a 43-minute MP3 audio clip (5Mb) of John Potterat speaking with M.C. Domandi about HIV/AIDS in Africa. If you have installed a browser plugin suitable for reading mp3 files (e.g. Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or Real Player) you should see an embedded player above and can hit the "play" button. Otherwise, you can use the link above (right-click / Save As) to save the mp3 file wherever you want.


John Potterat, interviewed by Dr. Kees Rietmeijer in December 2008 regarding the dissolution of public STD control programs. (10-minute RealPlayer / iPod content)