John J. Potterat

Books by John Potterat

In The Shadow Of Venus Cover

Newly released, September 2017! A series of 121 short vignettes describes the most-memorable experiences in the careers of 24 contact tracers, mostly from the streets of the Colorado front range.

Seeking The Positives Cover

On World AIDS Day 2015, John Potterat published a memoir of his STD/HIV Programs' achievements, as well as an account of his decade of experiences addressing shortcomings in the global response to HIV/AIDS in Africa.

"Part memoir, part tribute to the art of contact tracing, the book is a testimony to Potterat’s tremendous faith in his subject, and his results speak for themselves in terms of distribution analysis and subsequent successes in STD curtailment. The current scarcity of contact tracing application certainly seems a shame, because understanding the transmission patterns of any disease remains a highly logical step on the road to curing it."

—Rhiannon Howe, Lancet Infectious Diseases, Book Review Section, vol. 16 (Aug 2016), p. 904