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What’s it like to be a venereal disease detective?

Reading these 121 (mercifully short) true stories about people caught up in the exotic world of venereal diseases provides a front row seat to human foibles revealed in a starkly naked way.

Some stories are funny, some touching, some sad, some tragic, some raunchy, some unforgettable, and all vividly depicted.

In other words: a mirror for human nature and for our lives.

Interspersed among these sketches are frolicsome drawings that enhance the stories' impact.

Like the goodies in a box of chocolates, these micro-stories can be savored one at a time, or several at a time, or (gulp!) at a single sitting in which case you would neither overdose nor get fat.

Above all, ask yourself how you would feel or react, had you been thrust into any of these peculiar situations.