(Approved at Annual General Meeting 1998)


To offer to God in our ordained role the work of science and technology in
the exploration and stewardship of creation.

To express both the commitment of the Church to the scientific and
technological enterprise and our concern for its impact on the world.

To develop a fellowship of prayer for ordained scientists by the following
of a common Rule.

To support each other in our vocation.

To serve the Church in its relation to science and technology.


To pray daily for the aims of the Society and for its members.

To endeavour to remember the Society and its members regularly at public

To endeavour to attend the Annual Gathering and Retreat of the Society.


TheVisitor, shall be a Bishop in the Anglican Communion, whose
responsibility is to agree to the AIMS, RULE and Constitution, and any
changes in them. The Visitor shall adjudicate and have the final decision in
any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of the articles of
the Society as set out in this Constitution.
The Visitor shall admit full members of the Society at the Annual Gathering.
If the Visitor cannot be present, this responsibility may be delegated to
another bishop or to the Warden.


The Society originated as a community of scientists within the ordained
ministry (men and women) of the Anglican Communion. Membership is open, at
the invitation of the Warden, to ordained members of this and any other
church following a Trinitarian confession. Members must be willing to
further the AIMS of the Society and to obey its RULE and Constitution. Full
members are admitted to the Society at the Eucharist during the Annual
There shall be annual subscriptions for full memebers and associates to be
determined from time to time at the Annual Gathering.

NOTE: For the purposes of defining membership (both full and associate) the
designation "scientists" refers to those having a qualification and/or
experience at a professional level of science or technology.


On first joining, members will commit themselves in the form of an avowal to
pursue the AIMS of the Society and to obey its RULE and Constitution for one
year, in the presence, if possible, the Visitor in the context of the
Eucharist at which the Visitor presides at the Annual Gathering of the

At the end of that first year, they may renew their commitment for a further
three years. At the end of this first three_year period, they may renew
their commitment either for life or for a further period of three years.
This option, of renewal of commitment for a further three years or for life,
shall also apply at the end of any subsequent three_year period.

If absence on the part of a member is unavoidable for any commitment after
the initial one, a written declaration of his or her commitment should be
sent to the Secretary of the Society before the Annual Gathering, when it
should be read out at the Admission Eucharist.


The Society shall have a category of associate membership open, at the
discretion of the Warden, to lay and ordained members of any Christian
Church, in accordance with the definition above. Associates will be asked to
pray regularly for the work of the Society. They shall be eligible to attend
regional chapter meetings, but not the annual gathering, and to receive
issues of the Bulletin.


At the recommendation of the Committee, the Society, at its Annual Meeting,
may invite individuals who have given special service to the Society to
become Honorary Fellows. Such persons shall have the benefits of full
membership without subscription.


Each year, the Society shall organise a residential meeting called the
Annual Gathering for full members which they shall endeavour to attend. As
well as the Admission Eucharist and Annual General Meeting, it will include
a retreat with led meditations and times for discussion.


To facilitate the work of the Society, Regional Chapters shall be
established, comprising members in a number of geographical regions, the
number and regions to be decided from time to time at an Annual Gathering.
The Annual Gathering shall appoint a Convenor for each Chapter, who shall
organise the work of the Chapter and report thereon to each Annual


The Society shall elect at an Annual Gathering a Warden who shall hold
office for three years from the date of election and be eligible for
re_election for a further three years only. The Warden's duties will be to
exercise pastoral oversight over the members; to convene and chair meetings;
to consult with members; to initiate action with members' consent; to act on
behalf of the whole Society, and, when need arises, to admit new members, if
this duty is delegated to him or her by the Visitor.

The Society shall elect at an Annual Gathering a Secretary to hold office
for three years. At the end of this period the Secretary shall be eligible
for re_election.
The Secretary's duties are to keep records of membership of the Society; to
handle correspondence; to facilitate communication between members; to
organise the Annual Gathering and to undertake such other necessary
administration for the Society as need arises.

The Society shall elect at an Annual Gathering a Secretary for Associates,
who must be a full member of the Society, to serve for a period of two
years. At the end of this period, the Secretary for Associates shall be
eligible for re_election. The duties of the Secretary for Associates shall
be as determined from time to time by agreement with the Officers of the
Society, subject to ratification at the Annual Gathering.

The Society shall elect at an Annual Gathering a Treasurer to serve for a
period of three years. At the end of this period, the Treasurer shall be
eligible for re_election.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for administering the finances of the
Society; in particular he/she shall present a set of audited accounts for
the preceding financial year to the Annual Gathering. Either the Warden or
Treasurer shall be a signatory of the bank accounts of the Society.

The Society shall elect at an Annual Gathering an Editor to serve for a
period of three years. The Editor shall be eligible for re_election. The
Editor shall endeavour to prepare three times each year Bulletins or News
Letters for distribution to all members of the Society. If necessary, the
Editor may have an assistant in another country to help with the

There shall be a Committee consisting of the Officers of the Society listed
above and the Convenors of the Regional Chapters. The Committee shall meet
at least once a year between Annual Gatherings

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