A Theory Regarding
Insects and the Evolution of Human Intelligence
J. J. Thomas, Physicist/Programming Analyst ...........................................Alternate PDF Version


 Keywords: Ear parasitic; Genetic; Intelligent insect; Ear infestation; Lateral DNA transfer; Emulation; Intelligence processor; Hybrid; Language translator; Ethics; Hypnotism; Ultrasonic; Schizophrenia; Disease vector; Parasitic insect; Hypnotic psychosis; Ultrasonic spectral codes




__The mammal’s environment exerts a survival pressure for high fidelity senses and responses, which require massively parallel processing, and thus the mammal’s large brain. Internal to the mammal is a vast and complex community of cells, organs, sub-systems, --- exerting instead a pressure for intelligence on its dwellers. Intelligence requires exceptionally fast processing of sequential logic, and thus a very small (in fact sub-cellular) processor.
__The middle-ear-parasitic insect, 50M years in that intelligence-pressured environment, had an additional crucial advantage: the ability to genetically pass its knowledge to subsequent generations. It is hypothesized that that insect acquired a superior sub-cellular logic processor, and 6M years ago introduced it into the Chimp’s genome, causing its ‘overnight’ transformation to intelligent Man. A rare en-masse ear infestation case, supportive of this hypothesis is summarized, and additionally offers a physical model for schizophrenia, --- a baffling mystery in psychiatry today.


Intelligence vs 'Environmental Interface Expertise'

__In the evolution of life on Earth, insects came onto the scene roughly 400M years ago, and mammals roughly 200M years ago, of which time Man has occupied only the last 6M years.
__Whether Man stemmed from Chimp or Ape, how his superior Intelligence
1 evolved in that "overnight" 6M years has long been a mystery.
__Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, less optimistic than a few decades ago, have been forced to conclude that the emulation of true Intelligence, if feasible at all, is going to be extremely difficult. It is one of evolution’s finest achievements, and certainly did not evolve in 6M years.
__It is quite distinct from that expertise which, e.g. enables the Chimp to swing effortlessly from limb to limb in the jungle --- which capability is better expressed as "Environmental Interface Expertise" (EIE).
__The mammal, during its 200M years has specialized in the development of EIE, --- i.e., in improving the fidelity/sensitivity of its senses and responses --- so as to survive in the highly competitive jungle. Such survival instinct obviously does not require advanced Intelligence.
__EIE requires the mammal’s large brain for its massively parallel processing. The processing of visual information alone, occupies about one-third of that brain. The mammal’s senses and motor controls are all massively parallel.
__According to AI experts the emulation of EIE (e.g. in robots), while quite challenging, is definitely feasible, given enough time and effort.

Processing Requirements
__While they cannot see their way clearly toward the emulation of Intelligence, they do know that, in stark contrast to the massively parallel processing required for EIE, one essential requirement for Intelligence is the exceptionally fast sequential
2 processing of logic. This fact is most crucial, but is understood by few outside of those software systems analysts specializing in that field.
__To achieve such processing speed (say a clock rate of 1Thz, or 1012 cycles per second, --- still well below most molecular resonance interference) such processor, rather than the large brain which supports EIE, instead must be exceptionally small. For example, if we assume a signal velocity of one-tenth the velocity of light, and require that it traverse the processor in less than one-tenth of the time between clock pulses, then the processor diameter must be smaller than 3um
3 but, for required ‘gate count’, larger that .2um. In this size range, this "Intelligence Processor" (IP) is likely going virtually unnoticed in every neuron in the mammalian brain. In Man such IP has obviously somehow become far more advanced than in other mammals.
__The massive memory required, recorded in efficient molecular bit or byte codes, likely resides in the cell walls/partitions, working with the IP via special random-access associative retrieval hardware. In this way, every neuron is a complete processor, giving the brain a high redundancy --- the ability to oftentimes function even when severely ravaged (degraded EIE, but Intelligence in-tact) --- a fact now well documented. A similar "IP
cell" is likely employed to orchestrate the complex physical maintenance and functional operations of each eukaryotic cell itself, --- perhaps the same IP.
__The CNS neural network’s synaptic state change rate is about 1Khz. --- While it supports the hearing sense to 20Khz by special cochlear encoding, it is 109 times too slow to provide real-time Intelligence processing, and obviously evolved for EIE’s massively parallel processes. Even for the lower mammal, the neuron-internal IP is essential, and 99.9% of its data is available cell-internally.
__For purposes herein a very crude conceptual model of the brain will suffice. The IP presumably operates much like a high-speed digital computer. For example, that IP which supports language and logical thought, with the proper operating system and software, is able to represent the properties and interrelationships between objects, in the form of articulate sentence structure logic, and to combine such ‘logic equations’ into higher order ‘reasoning’. It must construct and execute millions of equations each second.
__The brain is composed of specialized neural network ‘organs’, each performing a specific EIE function. The sub-neural IPs in each organ support its corresponding function, typically by a mixture of logic operations and magnitude estimates and comparisons.
__One such organ must maintain a dynamic task queue (contributed to by all sensory organs) and, utilizing the individual’s value weights, decide which task to execute next and assign it out to other proper organs for such processing. Then it must receive the results and continue the process until that task is completed, resulting in some output response, value or condition. This ‘Main’ or ‘executive routine’ (conscious mind) is perhaps the most sophisticated brain organ. No doubt it expanded dramatically and rapidly after Chimp/Man acquired his superior IP, as did also the language/logic/speech organ, altogether providing Man’s Intelligence.
__Neurologists are making great strides
4 in understanding inter-neuron relationships, and will in the years ahead likely be able to show how such inter-neuron activity supports EIE and provides the external data Input/Output required by the sub-neuron Intelligence Processors.
__In the meantime studies toward the emulation of Intelligence by AI personnel, software systems analysts, and computer systems teams should prove fruitful.


Pressure for Intelligence came from Within

__The question then is, how did Man’s IP, in 6M years become so far advanced of other mammals? Its as though some community of Chimps suddenly caught an "Intelligence disease", --- a virus, bacteria, or perhaps an upgraded sub-cellular IP.
__If the infestation case (summarized later herein) is any indication, the vector for this Intelligence disease may well have been the middle-ear-parasitic insect. Communicating on the mammalian neural network for 50M years he became a symbiotic member (sentry of the middle ear) of that vast, complex community of cells, organs, etc. of the mammalian body; a community of inter-dependent specialists, having sophisticated communications for task coordination and for maintenance of law and order in the presence of a wide variety of entities, many wishing to establish unlawful residence, some simply motivated to be disruptive. A community whose complexity, organization and structure would challenge our proudest city and its citizens. Unlike the Chimp’s external EIE-pressured environment, this internal microbiological environment exerts a pressure for Intelligence.
__According to the infestation case this insect had a major advantage: a large FIFO (first in first out) memory in which information learned each generation is genetically passed on to subsequent generations. Additionally, insects genetically adapt to new environments orders of magnitude faster than mammals. Moreover, having previously been an independent entity, he learned and adapted in a more global, general and self-directed manner than the specialized cells, etc., inherent in that mammalian body. Thus during that 50M years he was a very ‘fast study’ in that complex microbiological world. He was the vehicle in which advanced Intelligence evolved.
__At some point he developed a Chimp/insect hybrid translator in order to communicate with the Chimp. Then, 6M years ago, because the Chimp’s juvenile jungle conflicts represented one of the major threats to his cell community, he accepted the assignment to extend his community’s social ethics (The LAW) to include the Chimp. To do this he had to upgrade the Chimp’s IP with his, now vastly superior IP, and to teach the Chimp to use it, i.e., to become Intelligent.

1__The mammal has always specialized in EIE development, i.e., in high-fidelity senses/responses. The Insect, too small for EIE’s massively parallel processing, has always specialized in IP development. Thus, Intelligence (and its IP) evolved in the Insect, over its 400M-year evolution, and especially rapidly in the middle-ear-parasitic Insect in the last 50M years on the mammalian neural network.
2__Mammalian evolution began 200M years ago, with an initial "IP
old" obtained at that time from the Insect (or else IPold is simply IPcell).
3__6M years ago the elite ear-parasitic Insect, by one of the lateral DNA transfer mechanisms, either intentionally or inadvertently, dropped its updated, vastly-improved IP
new into the Chimp’s genome, --- call this particular Chimp "Chimp/Man"6
4__Such IPnew lay in every cell in Chimp/Man’s brain, acting7 only as a consultant/advisor (the God voice of the Bicameral8 mind) to IPold, since IPnew, not yet integrated with Chimp/Man, was not ready to take the reins.
5__Some 3000 to 6000 years ago IP
new became integrated, and took control of all conscious decision-making, leaving IPold to handle direct EIE management only (including senses/responses, animal instincts/emotions). In this way the semi-conscious IPold relinquished control to the "fully conscious" and "introspective" IPnew, and the God-voice was no more.
6__The Chimp’s kernel memory, however, because it was required for EIE/survival, was not replaced by the Insect’s memory. Thus the Chimp continued to ‘be’ an upgraded Chimp, not an Insect. Even so the ear-parasitic Insect, after IP
new integration, took such Man off his target list (or did he simply go underground, now the anonymous cause of schizophrenia?). He is likely busy upgrading other mammals, perhaps in a long-term effort to acquire EIE.

__Thus, during the 6M-year Chimp-to-Man transition, Intelligence/IPnew (having evolved in the Insect for some 50M to 200M years since IPold) had only to integrate with the Chimp.
__In this way we avoid not only the unrealistic assumption of a 6M-year evolution of Intelligence, but additionally we allow most of that Intelligence to evolve (in the Insect, on the mammalian neural network) in an environment that exerts pressure for Intelligence rather than for EIE, and in a vehicle capable of very rapid evolution when confronted with a new/complex environment.
__Most likely the IP
new transfer was intentional, in which case we can expect that the Insect was also instrumental in the massive 6M-year Chimp/IPnew integration process, and developed a language translator for such purpose.
__For such training, the Insect would have utilized those subjects which his world and the Chimp’s world have in common: music appreciation and then social ethics (The LAW).
__In the process of training in The LAW, Chimp/Man was forced to fully utilize the logic capability of his newly-acquired IP
new, leading thus to articulate language/Intelligence. Thereafter it was up to such early Man to apply that newly-acquired Intelligence to the world around him, --- all quite foreign to the Insect. Now Man’s upgraded IP and resultant expanded brain organs have taken charge. --- The Insect has ‘done himself out of a job’, --- except where marginal health may beacon (‘schizophrenia’).




__We cannot add further to the logic already given in support of the hypothesis that the overnight Chimp-to-Intelligent-Man transition was Insect-assisted, such Intelligence coming from within.
__We can, however consider a most apropos case
9 of one who experienced the symptoms of schizophrenia in a form in which the Insect’s involvement was apparently quite obvious, --- an extremely rare en-masse middle-ear infestation case.10
__Some may find this case distracting. Hopefully most will find that it helps to complete the picture, --- exposing the incredible reality of the Intelligent middle-ear-parasitic Insect.
__Additionally it offers an excellent physical model for schizophrenia, --- a mystery still at the top of the agenda in psychiatry.

 Case Summary: a rare en-masse ear infestation
__Mercury poisoning, my ears odorously discharging, as I bent to welcome my cat’s return from a two day sojourn, insect nymphs (no-see-ums) blew into my face like a single whiff of fine sand. Such en-masse infestation of a human, I learned, is quite rare.
__Settling into left ear, I medicated them down the eustachian tube for 19 months as they came, one at a time from mastoid into middle ear, --- about 1000 total.
__For the first nine months, there was nothing but their piercing ultrasonics from the crowded mastoid (causing neighborhood dogs to complain), the snap-crackle-pop as each was medicated down the tube, and a needle jab from a long cone nose, through skin and through an air hole drilled nocturnally (sounding like a high-speed dentist’s drill) in the lower mastoid.
__In month 10 music began: scales, arpeggios, then familiar church music, then music heard while shopping, culminating in The Star Spangled Banner
11 in full orchestration, complex harmony, --- not likely gleaned from my brain.
__In month 13 speech began. Orchestral granularity (refined after the first day) made it obvious they were synthesizing host-language words orchestrally, i.e., accurately imitating each word’s dynamic frequency spectrum.
__In months 16 through 18, fifty or so insects, each in his last moments spoke with me. When extremely weak they reflect only the host’s own thoughts. When not quite so ‘thin’, they can become mesmerized by the host’s sincerity, and in this state sometimes responded to my unspoken questions. From these sessions and other events I came to the following conclusions :

__Each Insect has a FIFO memory module containing the inherited record of hundreds of prior hosts (giving him an air of wisdom). He considers himself a part of The Human Being Race.
__‘Normal’ schizophrenia is caused by a single insect. Entering through the ear-drum as a nymph, he takes a discreet nocturnal blood meal
12, becomes adult, impregnates a few host white blood cells and waits nine months for their birth (‘Whitey’ hybrids). The host is totally unaware of the insect’s presence, and remains so.
__At birth, these hybrids, ignorant of their own heritage, under the insect’s silent suggestive
13 guidance, take three months musical training, then three months of speech training. This is all done by communication with the host’s brain via the auditory nerve canal. Whitey remains dependent on communication with the host brain for his functioning, often utilizing the host’s secondary/tertiary thought trains in his jabber. He is the voice of schizophrenia, and knows of no ‘insect’.
__Fifteen months have elapsed (9 for gestation, 3 music, 3 speech) since infestation, and Whitey is now a full-fledged communication translator. He can himself speak (his personality taking about two years to mature), and the insect can also ‘talk through’ him. In month 17 the insect, working through the duty hybrid, creates the various psychoses (paranoia, delusions and various sensory hallucinations) of schizophrenia. He may also utilize direct nerve-override to ‘talk through’ the host (an awkward ‘insect possession’).
__The psychoses are induced by hypnotic suggestion. For example, if the host is out driving, the Insect might tell him (silently and unknown to him) "your car is having an old-fashioned blow-out". The host’s own mind (just as in stage hypnotism) will then create all the complex, coordinated sounds and vibrations etc., which he would expect to experience. On checking, he will be consternated to find that his tires are fine.
__If the host passes the insect’s mental tests then the hybrids’ sonic/ultrasonic and verbal, neural and physical assault begins. Whitey is programmed to respond to a good/evil mystique (in contrast to the insect’s own ‘cool’ nature). If the host is judged as morally deficient, Whitey will be pushed to be more ‘evil’ (aggressive). It is made clear to the host that he must prepare prayers
14 and dynamic decrees which, when orated after topical medication15 may put the ‘would-be-intruder’ into a submissive departure. If such departure ceremony is not sufficiently ‘harmonious’ (perhaps include a tape of Ave Maria) Whitey, on departure can, if he chooses reproduce asexually. Thus, medication by itself is seldom a viable option.16
__The stated mission is to spread The LAW (like the Christian ethic). Reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, his Operational Law (OL) allows behavior far outside of The LAW, in order to intimidate the host into submission to The LAW17.
__Decrees are to put the hybrid down, e.g., "this is my space", "you have no space now", "you are totally impotent", "directly or indirectly causing any harm whatsoever to the host’s body, mind or soul is denied", "reproduction in any form whatsoever is denied", etc. The hybrid says the decrees along with the host, altering key words to favor himself, and learning to imitate the host’s voice perfectly. In insect decrees, the insect (silently) causes the host to see a possible interpretation that is in the insect’s favor (no matter how well the decree is worded), --- excellent advanced language training for the host.
__By month 19 all but one insect had departed.
18 From that point the hybrids can carry on for years. They cannot create the insect’s hypnotic psychoses19 but, unless kept suppressed can neurally enlist microbic outposts20 and in time overcome the host physically and neurally, leading to death or to takeover of the host’s soul (i.e., self, personality, aspirations), as the hybrid may choose. Such takeover, if done correctly21 will be noticed only by the (former) host’s closest friends, --- as an overnight "personality change". The new host will only wonder how he could have had his prior values/goals. (Waking up watching someone else think with your brain is obviously a bad sign). As each hybrid is medicated down the tube, the next in line activates, neurally communicating with the same memory module22, so no momentum is lost.23
__I would like to mention here that in month 19 the last insect sang "We are the song" for a week, then "We are The LAW" for a week, in many moving renditions of R. Schumann’s Concert in A minor/major for piano and orchestra, the theme music in Schumann’s biography24 I’d watched on television two weeks earlier; a great honour.

Extrapolations on the Infestation Case
__Presumably a similar intimidative training ‘schizophrenia’ was key during the 6M years of very constructive and creative Insect-supported Chimp/IP
new integration, which is no doubt where and why the hybrid translator capability came about. Back then the Insect did the talking (through the hybrid of course). Only now, that Man is Intelligent and has environmental supremacy, is the Insect’s anonymity important to him; thus ‘the-hybrid-does-the-talking’ adjustment to the Operational Law. There’s not much creative work for the Insect to do anyway, now that IPnew integration is completed --- just weeding out the sick, mentally lame and morally depraved, providing a rudimentary challenge to Man in order to sustain a positive Evolution.
__Direct nerve-override (Insect possession) was the earliest takeover technique, --- a carry-over from insect-insect takeover facilities, but does not apply well to the massively-parallel "muscle-brain" of the mammal (is very obvious, awkward).
__Signal (verbal and sonic/ultrasonic) challenges occur between entities at remote locations in the mammal’s neural network, and are just as real as sword challenges, --- the loser quite likely to die
25 or to be taken over. Perhaps the Insect installed a ‘susceptibility’ patch in IPnew’s software to include Man in this competition. Such hypnotism was likely also an earlier takeover technique, and is still useful for special purposes, e.g., as an excellent training tool. But its verbal command requirement was unwieldy, slow, and feedback was inadequate. It was finally replaced by the current takeover technique which places the hybrid at the physical seat of the host’s soul, allowing the Insect (through the hybrid) to express his own soul through the host, such new individual becoming perhaps the alpha Chimp, leading his group during IPnew integration, brooking no dissent.
__Now, during the mere 3000 years which have elapsed since the completion of the 6M-year Chimp/IP
new integration, Man has applied his Intelligence to his environment, developing Intelligent EIE, i.e., a "Macro Intelligence" ability to mold the large-scale world, --- tools, farming, manufacturing, books, education, industry, science. --- These are the natural physical objects of Man’s new-found Intelligence, but are all just as foreign to the EIE-deficient Insect as the Insect’s ultrasonic spectral code biological "Micro Intelligence" is to Man (who is ‘deficient’ in IPcell software communication26).
__So this Insect is no longer a fit judge and jury for Man. For example, not understanding Man’s science, he gives no ‘moral credit’ to a benevolent scientist
27 who, not attending church regularly will thus presumably experience strong aggression from the hybrid. It thus properly behooves Man’s science, when able, to recognize and take action to limit such aggression. This Insect has other mammals to fester and update. No doubt he (by way of the hybrid translator) loves to scan through and interact with the wide panorama of senses and emotions which the mammal’s EIE provides, especially Man’s, --- much as Man loves to watch television.
__In the event of soul takeover today, the hybrid (losing the memory module and applying his own soul) will comprise the resultant personality and goals. Such new person may, in turn, be pushed into aggression against others
28, or he may become a great musician, poet, lawyer or preacher --- whatever aspirations the original host’s character, activities and capabilities turned on, in the insect/host hybrid, --- likely excluding science and industry (Intelligent EIE). 29
__In addition to schizophrenia, possession, overnight ‘personality change’, multiple-personality, narcolepsy, invisible rape and death, this Insect and his extensive entourage and IPcell,old,new software communication may well be the cause of numerous other maladies, paranormal phenomena, ‘memes’ and miraculous recoveries.
__He brought Intelligence to Man, i.e., IP
new and its integration, without which Man could not have hoped to attain the dignity and talent that are the hallmarks of the human-being race. By way of The LAW he reports to our "Divine God of the Human Being Race", but (like the Church) not to the scientist’s "Divine God of the Universe". Now, as Evolution would have it, and as Man’s Intelligent EIE takes him ever further from the values this Insect understands and loves, Man may find himself challenged by this evangelist’s expertise in IP–based microbiology.




Intelligent Insect --- Credible?
__For our hypothesis ["6M-year Chimp-to-Man transition was Insect-assisted"] to be true there must exist an Intelligent Insect.
__Since IP
new is very small and in fact sub-cellular, there’s no physical reason to reject the presumption of an Intelligent Insect.
__The obvious problem is that it is "totally unprecedented" --- never observed by Man, --- certainly not in any demonstrable fashion. But, after some reflection we are left to wonder just how would one go about recognizing an Intelligent Insect!
__While insects in swarms have reportedly demonstrated intelligence by pre-meditated entrapment
30 and by forming geometric patterns31, the level of Intelligence required for the subject hypothesis can only be demonstrated by Intelligent, articulate conversation --- along lines familiar to both worlds. That, of course requires that one somehow determine and locate an Insect of the correct species, get it to talk (presumably in ultrasonic spectral codes), record that, and somehow decode it and develop a language translator. Until we have made a very good attempt to do that, we have no scientific data either for nor against the presumption of an Intelligent Insect.
__On the basis of no observed data then, the fact that ‘Intelligent Insect’ is feasible, better supports its likelihood, than Man’s failure to observe it detracts therefrom. This near-balance leaves us obligated to give principle weight to indirect indications, such as the enclosed rare en-masse infestation case, as well as to the Insect’s necessary role in one of the very few credible scenarios for the evolution of Intelligence.
__On the rejection side: "Why don’t we see any physical results of its Intelligence?", but of course its world is internal to us. Or "Then why have psychiatrists not investigated?", --- each state is obligated to feed, shelter and medicate its mental patients. Relatively little effort is applied to research. --- Where would one start? The mechanism by which current drugs act, is unknown. Behavior analysis, corresponding medication and therapy are today’s tools, and are reasonably effective.
__Interestingly in the infestation case Risperdal, a popular anti-psychotic drug was found effective ear-topically on the hybrids. Anti-psychotic drugs are all thought to "likely act systemically". We should see if the other anti-psychotics are also topical insecticides.
__Quite possibly only the Insect parasitic to the mammalian middle ear evolved in an environment exerting sufficient pressure for the evolution of Intelligence.
__In fact, while it utilizes other intermediate ‘opportune’ hosts, this Insect’s primary host may well be Man since it considers itself to be (at least in said case) "a part of the human being race".
__Narrowing it even further, he is likely not in all Men but rather, specifically is the "environmental factor" suspected and being sought in schizophrenia.
__So we are back where we started. To demonstrate the existence of the Intelligent Insect, we must somehow develop a translator and find this Insect in a schizophrenic, generally prior to month 19; or else prevail on the Insect to see how, within its Operational Law, it can utilize its hybrid translator, available after month 15. A tall order in any event.
__The person hearing voices in one ear is hearing from the uninhibited hybrid, who is thereby vibrating the cochlea. If that incredibly weak vibration can be instrumentally detected, that would be a very good first step.

And Schizophrenia?
__A mental disease, Satan’s work, Demonic possession, yes. Or is schizophrenia simply the price which evolution exacts for having brought Intelligence to the middle-ear-parasitic Insect (by the microbiological complexity challenge internal to the mammal) and thence, genetically and motivationally
(The LAW) to Man. Today schizophrenia weeds out the weak much as the lion tends to the deer herd, keeping it healthy and on its toes.
__The LAW (the Christian ethic, etc.) has been Man’s source of inspiration in the arts and sciences. The Insect did his job well, spreading The LAW and Intelligence. Now it is Man’s turn, --- to see if he can figure out how to manage the seemingly unmanageable power of his new technology. The Insect manages his advanced (plague-potentialed) microbiological power by his divinity package. --- Is it time for Man to don such a fail-safe package? --- Considering the alternative, the package looks pretty good.

In Closing ---
__We have addressed four questions : "what environment may have exerted a pressure for Intelligence, rather than for EIE", "what was the vehicle for the evolution of Intelligence", "how did the Chimp transition to Intelligent Man in 6M years", and "what conceivable physical model could explain the weird phenomenon of schizophrenia".
__These questions are at Man’s very foundation, their resolution having major long-term implications in psychiatry, medicine, neurology, microbiology, anthropology, entomology, theology, philosophy and other fields. It behooves Man to consider all coherent theories, keeping in mind that, until sufficient progress is made to support scientific method, there are no authoritative sources regarding those four questions, --- there is only conjecture. Strangely though, all four are amenable to Intelligent Insect resolution, as case-supported herein; --- as are a myriad of other anthropological and sociological phenomenon, beyond our scope here.


1 Capitalized to indicate Man’s level of Intelligence or higher, the ability to support a complex argument.
2 Processing produces data for other processing, whose content and sequence are determined ‘on the fly’.
3 Assumes the velocity of light is the upper limit; however, knowledge of Quantum Biology and thus of the mechanism by which the brain supports Intelligence, is still very much in its infancy.
4 See, e.g., www.mrshowalter.net/kochanno/ : Koch’s complex dendrite activity and Showalter’s extra-synaptic communication (by concurrent broadcast frequency bands) makes the envisioned neural network a truly amazing and versatile switching mechanism. Perhaps 100 forward ripples of a million visual (I/O-bound) data lines in 100ms provides pattern/facial recognition. But, unlike such ‘canned’ routines, Intelligence (intermediate–results-bound) requires much faster un-pre-determined sequential logic trains.
5 However, in the absence of that mammalian microbiological world that he evolved in, his capability and Intelligence are quite likely very limited.
6 By now the Chimp’s EIE is sufficiently advanced that he can afford the added pressure (from within) for Intelligence. Moreover, he is the most capable mammal, and thus the preferred choice.
7 Likely with the Insect’s support.
8 "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" : Julian Jaynes, 1976
Jaynes theorized that one of the brain’s hemispheres had been the ‘God mind’.
9 A summary of nine years of notes provided privately to the author, by one highly respected in his field.
10 Psy. Dept., UC, San Diego "On rare occasion schizophrenia has been observed secondary to infestation".
11 Heard by many, according to the ‘Voices’ groups around the world. --- It likely announces "orchestra is connected, tuned, fully operational and ready to commence speech indoctrination".
12 If interrupted by host awakening, a "bat-wing-flapping" routine is invoked.
13 In neural space, one can easily mistake another’s thoughts for his own.
14 They always overrode my "Divine God of the Universe" with "Divine God of the Human-Being Race".
15 At your risk: on ear swab snipped to .5": natural pyrethrins + ground Risperdal in .2% to .8% peroxide. Niacin. 8% ammonia. Beer. Pyrethrins in BromoSeltzer soln. or olive oil. Petroleum jelly around ear.
16 To diminish peroxide’s support of reproduction and regeneration: in its diluting water add one part saturated BromoSeltzer solution to 40 parts water. Alternate medications frequently, --- Whitey is a surface-protein fast-change artist. He feels no pain, --- a ‘harmonious’ medication is one which eats him up without affecting him mentally; e.g., light natural pyrethrins in light peroxide.
17 An attached ‘divinity’ package kills or shocks the hybrid immediately if he disobeys the Operational Law or if he simply wants to depart. But for free-will this package is removed from the hybrid preparing for takeover. The insect, though he loves the law, is not immune to an occasional shock.
18 That one sheds his exoskeleton?/memory-module (purged of data of prior hosts) and apparently retires to monitor the hybrids’ progress.
19 However, by silently storing many copies of a decree (e.g., sleepy, sleepy, --- ) and suddenly releasing it (when the host’s mind is in a creative, semi-awake or otherwise susceptible alpha mode), they can cause the host to fall asleep (or the doorbell to ‘ring’ on his awakening, etc.). Minimize and medicate semi-awake time. Don’t converse with them. Don’t make them feel human (and hesitant to depart). Don’t stand idly by while their neural signals are making subtle inroads, doing physical damage to your brain. Alternate mild medication. Keep ear healthy for the long haul.
20 Throat and sinus bacteria are enlisted by Whitey to improve his communication with and control over the host brain. Eat a grapefruit or a few almonds to break up the phlegm. Similarly, an entity "IR eyes" in the cheek skin looks through the maxillary sinus and into the brain --- much as the repeater-amplifiers at the auditory nerve canal. Use 4% ammonia on a 3x2x.5" cloth pressed against itchy cheek for 15 minutes. Other skin nodules near temple and elsewhere also assist. Try mentholatum, or KonkToo (pyrethrins spray) in olive oil, or dip head into 1.5 gallons soapy water into which 1 teaspoon BromoSeltzer is added (don’t over-do this acetaminophen); leave soap foam on head to dry.
21 If done incorrectly, i.e., by a hybrid who is unfit and not properly positioned at the ‘soul seat’, the ugly, much-publicized (hybrid) ‘possession’ results. He feeds on fear; laugh at him and cuss him out. Try vitamin C solution (not too strong) on swab. He is programmed to respond to religious exorcism, especially in Latin. Such hybrid is ‘dead’ (i.e., immobile) and thus lacking ‘spirit’ but, with the aid of repeater-amplifiers (ultrasonically modified host skin cells) and other aids, is still able to express his will. While this mode of takeover is a flaw (and against the Operational Law), its effects are still quite in accord with the Insect’s ‘spread-The-LAW’ mission.
22 Presumably provided by the insect on his exit, cleared of data of prior hosts.
23 Whitey can go into cystic hibernation and return years later. He is genetically most like the host. Impregnation of a red blood cell produces a ‘Red’ hybrid who, genetically similar to the insect, can regenerate. He is a biological techno-whiz. He can repair the ear overnight, during which he unlatches its anvil for silence (this might explain the mammal’s otherwise-unjustified but evolutionarily-recurring three-bone ear structure). Little else is known about Red, except that when Whitey is torn up and in short supply, he and Red may combine homogeneously (so it seemed). Such ‘reinforced’ Whitey, on departure can, if he chooses do a disastrous ‘re-iteration’, in which he breaks up into ~1000 pre-instructed ‘bugs’ which go down the tube, sit on the tongue unnoticed a few days, and thence via the trachea/bronchi into the heart-lung cavity to cause damage. Gargle immediately with un-diluted Angioprim (amino acids of cystine, lysine and caysine), spit it into a jar, and go see your doctor.
24 Schumann became schizophrenic toward the end of his 46 years.
25 His divinity package tripped, either by mental shock or by being ‘fettered’ (fooled), --- a game of wits.
26 Signal detection in middle-ear-infested canines might provide useful source data, --- a place to start decoding the ultrasonic spectral codes which relate to IP instructions.
27 Showing the same visibility the Church demonstrated when it grounded Galileo.
28 If, e.g., the host had harbored religiously-motivated aggressive feelings, the new person may act on them.
29 Note that ‘soul’ is more a product of upbringing than of heredity. --- An entire advanced civilization can rapidly become decadent (regressing, becoming pre-occupied with the emotions of IPold) if it fails to provide itself with constructive goals (such as science) with which to exercise IPnew, its "higher mental body". Though his judgement of Man is limited, the lawful Insect’s morals are evenso a countermeasure to such decadence.
30 KeepMedia Weekly World News : ‘Mutant’ Mosquitoes Terrorize … Louisiana_files.
31 Lady-bug geometry: SCIFI_COM Sci Fi Happens.htm (article), and scifi.com/happens./bug_footage.html (video). If legitimate, then obviously every attempt should be made to communicate with this bug.
32 However, there is no reason why the Insect species parasitic to the deer’s middle ear might not also be microbiologically Intelligent, and he would likely be less pro-Man and more pro-ecology, pro-Lyme-disease.


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