VesaInfo displays the SuperVGA video modes supported by the VESA BIOS.  Use the video mode information to select output resolution when rendering to the screen.  Siren can use modes with 256 or 16 million colors.

Some older machines may not have a VESA BIOS.  Video modes supported by the BIOS may not be available on a particular hardware configuration.  The video driver in Siren also may not work on some machines.

It is always possible to render still frames or animations to disk in any resolution.


Aframe ribname nframes length frac
Aframe generates a series of frame blocks for animating RIB files with motion blocks.  The parameters are:

ribname: name of the RIB file to animate
nframes: number of frames in the animation
length: length of the animation (in global time units)
frac: fraction of inter-frame time the shutter is open.  If 0, the Shutter open and close times will be the same.

Aframe prints to standard output; use command redirection to save to a file.


getpal sourcefile palettefile
GetPal will extract a color palette from a palette format TIFF or FLIC animation file and convert it to the palette file format used by Siren.  Siren uses a palette when rendering to the display and when generating a FLIC animation.  The palette file format is very simple:  a series of up to 256 3-byte RGB values.  A palette can contain fewer colors in which case only the number of colors supplied will be used.  A smaller palette (e.g., 64 levels of grey) can reduce the file size of an animation.


Flicrate fliname rate
Flicrate sets the playback rate for a FLIC animation in frames per second.  If the rate is omitted, Flicrate will print the current playback rate.

Last Modified March 31, 2000

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