Scenes From The X-Men Left On The Cutting Room Floor
By Thom Holbrook

1.) After Prof X is in his coma, Wolverine lightly strokes his head and gives it a little kiss. A tear runs down his face as he whispers, "I love you Wheels".

2.) Cyclops is about to get brutalized by Sabertooth but is saved when Storm drives up in her car running Sabertooth over and then driving away. Similar scenes where she saves Jene Grey and Rogue the same way were also cut.

3.) Whole scene where Magneto riffs with Mystique on whether humans are filthy animals ala Samuel Jackson/John Travolta in Pulp Fiction - gone.

4.) Scene where as part of induction into the X-Men, Wolverine and Rogue must get paddled by all the X-Men - dubbed "The Spanking Machine".

5.) In addition to the short prologue with Magneto, all of World War II was actually acted out on film but there simply wasn't time in the film for it.

6.)The Super Whores

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