My Celebrity Photo Page

Here are some pictures of me and the rich and famous folk I hob nob with . . . really . . . honest . . .

Me with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner . . . at my house! We hang like this all the time. Oh sure it looks like I'm at a bookstore book signing but . . . looks can be deceiving. Thats actually, uh, my living room. Ahem, yeah.

Me with Babylon 5's Marjorie Monahan. I realize I look like a cancer patient receiving a "Make A Wish" visit from a supermodel. Oh well.

Me in my short appearance on Babylon 5 with Jeff Conaway (Of Babylon 5, Taxi and Grease fame). Afterwards we went out for a beer, stalked and killed a wild boar and then Jeff named me Godparent to every child he will ever have and all their descendants. Okay, actually after the scene, he told me if I had listened to him instead of the Assistant Director, I would've had a more impressive cameo but in his words I could easily extrapolate that he wanted to do that other stuff. He was just too shy.

Me and Drew Carey. Again, it looks like a bookstore book signing but in reality that's my den. Drew often comes over and we swap stories about cars and broads. Actually we did talk about both going to Kent State and hanging out at Canton's Belden Village Mall.

Me and Monty Python's Michael Palin. Okay, once again, not a book store. That's me and Mikey (I call him Mikey) hanging out at . . . OH ALL RIGHT ITS A BOOK STORE!!! IT WAS JUST A BOOKSIGNING!!! I DON'T KNOW THE MAN!!! WAAHAAAHAA!!! I'm sorry (sob), I just can't take the lies anymore. Oh wait a minute . . . actually I can. Ahem, although I didn't know him until the signing, once there we became fast friends and afterwards became blood brothers.

These are pictures of me helping out with a trial run of Make Me Laugh. No. Really! I'm really really serious this time! Before a show airs they have to work the bugs out of it with dry runs. So way before it was even sold to Comedy Central I came in and played contestant and got to meet the original host Ken Ober (also of MTV's Remote Control fame) and comedian Bruce "Babyman" Baum. The picture on the far left is Ken Ober shaking my hand after I totally LOST!!! I guess he thought I was going to cry since he tried to put an arm around me and said, "Hey, don't cry ya big baby." They turned off the camera just before I opened up my can of whup-ass!!!