The Conger House

These are original blueprints of John Hudson Thomas' drawings. The drawings have very little detail and most materials aren't even called out. If you tried to build a house today from a set of plans like this you would probably not get what you wanted--and the architect would probably end up in court! Perhaps JHT worked with a builder who knew what the architect wanted and didn't need much information--but this was a bid set. Were material choices subject to how high the bids were? This set is labeled in pencil on the back of sheet 5: "OWNERS COPY--BIDS IN THURSDAY DECEMBER 4 AT 5 O'CLOCK"

1 - Basement & Roof Plan

2 - 1st & 2nd Floor Plan

3 - East/West Elevations

4 - North/South Elevations

5 - Interior Elevations & Details

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