Patchwork Pictures.

Chili Cook off: We have performed at this even for many years. Since 1997 when Patchwork was founded and before when many of us were part of Cranberry Cloggers.† In 2005 we performed on Saturday March 5th. (See pictures) We had 19 dancers dancing to the band Jump Start. In 2004 we perform on March 6th with 30 dancers dancing to the music of Jump Start. In 2003 we performed on March 8th with over 30 dancers and many were Jimís students from the Dance Zone. In 2002 we performed on March 2nd again with Jump Start and some of Barbaraís students. In 2001 we performed on March 3rd to the music of Jump Start with 19 dancers, 10 adults and 9 children. In 2000 we performed on March 6th with Blackie and his band. Blackie has since passed away.

Folk Lore Society Minifestival: This is a winter festival of the folklore society. In 2005 we performed on February 5th to the Jump Start band and also taught clogging to those in the audience (see pictures). In 2004 the festival didnít get enough volunteers and was cancelled. In 2003 the festival was snowed out. In 2003 we performed on February 2nd to the music of Jump Start.

We have performed at the Potomac Celtic Festival for several years. In 2005 we performed with the Jump Start band on Saturday June 11th and the main dance stage. We have this in two sets of pictures see set one and see set two. In 2004 we performed on Sunday June 13th. We did not have a band to play for us and we performed on two stages, the children's stage and the main dance stage. In 2003 we performed on Sunday June 15th on the main stage with the band Rakes and Roses and also on the children's stage. In 2002 we also performed with Rakes and Roses and were on the main and children stages. Again performed in 2001, 2000, and 1999.

At the end of the class sessions all students are invited to a pizza party and to show off the dance they learned during that session along with domonstrations by the Patchwork dancers. The last session showed off Jim's 5 classes, clogging, tap, and irish for adults and two levels of Irish/clogging for children. This part was on June 12th and there are two sets of pictures ( set one set two )