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NRL Plasma Formulary

Arthur Carlson - useful notes on Plasmaks, plasma physics, stuff

CINDA - lots o' useful links

Environmental, Safety and Health Manual, --> Volume II: Health & Safety--Hazards and Controls --> Part 8: Ionizing Radiation / Nonionizing Radiation --> LLNL Radiological Safety Program for Radiation-Generating Devices :

Links to mfrs and other info resources

Landauer Inc - Radiation monitoring and dosimetry

ICN Worldwide Dosimetry Service

RadSafe Internet Mailing List

Aware Electronics - inexpensive geiger counters to hook to a PC

Isotope Products - Isotope Products Laboratories (IPL) manufactures radiation therapy sources, nuclear medicine products, components for industrial use by analytical and process control instrument manufacturers and NIST traceable calibration standards. These products are all based on applications for radioisotopes. Postal address Isotope Products Laboratories 1800 N. Keystone Burbank, CA 91504 >> online catalog as pdf

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