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  • General
  • Weather related
  • Physics and hard science
  • Legal and patents

  • General

    Reel EFX, Inc. - The physical special effects company I do a lot of work for. Check out their tornadoes, which I have had more than a little to do with.

    South American Explorer's Club - a useful resource if you plan on travelling to South or Central America.

    InterNIC whois service: - how you find someone's domain, look up who controls a domain, or turn a dotted address into a name.

    Amateur Callsign lookup page:

    Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club:

    Bill Beatty's Tesla Page - Has a lot of information, as well as a lot of links to other pages.

    Brian Webb's Vandenberg AFB Launch Schedule - Find out when the next rocket launch is, etc: 

    Keep those files and emails secure: Pretty Good Privacy

    Weather related

    Online NEXRAD (WSR-88) image for Los Angeles: From there you can navigate around and find the southern California composite, or the NEXRAD maps for Santa Ana and San Diego. These are just reflectivity maps. If anyone finds a source for live doppler data on the web (or ftp), let me know

    Los Angeles NWS office: They've got now casts (i.e. what the weather is doing now and will be doing for the next 6 or so hours), forecasts out into the future, as well as links to all kinds of stuff weather related.

    The tornado project: - lots of useful stuff about tornadoes, as well as many links to other tornado related sites. By the way, Tornado Video Classics, vols I,II, and III are the best tornado tapes around.

    USGS Pasadena Office - they have a really nifty realtime earthquake analysis display. is the recent southern California Earthquake page.

    Solar Weather and Aurora

    Sunspots and the sunspot cycle:
    Space weather, specifically, real time aurora displays:


    Physics Info & other interesting sites

    Make your own High Temperature Superconductors (YBCO). All you need is an oven capable of 1000 degrees Celsius, a little Barium Pentoxide, Cupric Oxide and Yittrium Oxide, and "Bob's your uncle".

    "the Bell Jar" - a worthy successor to C.L. Stong's "Amateur Scientist" column in Scientific American.

    Society for Amateur Scientists -

    Carey Sublette's Nuclear Weapons FAQ - a very readable summary of various aspects of nuclear weapons design and proliferation. It has a fair amount of detail including useful equations, not only for weapons design, but also for blast effects, which is what I was looking for:

    A link to an article in US News & World Reports about some exotic weapons, some of which I have worked on

    Legal and patent stuff

    IBM Patent Server - Has all the patents since 1971 with text search capability. You can print the patent from here, but it is really ugly, spread across multiple printer pages, etc. Clearly they are trying to encourage you to buy the patent copy in the usual way for a few bucks (which by the way, is a good deal from the PTO at $3 a copy). At least the abstract and first drawing print out ok, and the search engine works great.

    Legal Information Institute: - Almost all of the US Code (i.e. Federal laws, but not regulations).

    All the OSHA regulations: - Debunk those people who claim that OSHA requires you to do something. Lots of times, they don't. Find out the real rules, and also lots of correspondence and opinion letters interpreting the rules.

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