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Jim Lux - Work Experience

November 1999 - Present
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Telecommunications Science and Engineering Division
Spacecraft Telecommunications Section
Senior Member of Engineering Staff

Participation in design team which is developing system and instrument architectures for the Radar Electronics Assembly for AlphaScat, a next generation Ku-band scatterometer. Creating a functional decomposition of the instrument tied to requirements using tools such as Statemate and DOORS. Leading development of DSP algorithms for radar signal processing with Avionics Flight Software section. Site visits and reviews for flight hardware vendors. Maintaining project web page(s). Creating and reviewing procedures,schedules, and budgets for development, design and test of breadboard and prototype digital radar processors.

Development of novel concepts for Mars communications networks using components designed for commercial wireless products, such as wideband CDMA cellular phones.

Participation in review boards and committees.

May 1998 - November 1999
Swales Aerospace, Inc.
Pasadena Office
Senior RF Engineer

Support of several projects at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, including the development of an Seawinds/QuikSCAT Calibration Ground Station, assisting with the RF final assembly and testing of the Free-Flying Magnetometers for the Enstrophy Project, and the conceptual design of a next generation Ku band scatterometer.

February 1990 - Present
Innovation Consulting & Design

Innovation Consulting & Design (ICAD) is a small consulting firm which does short term contract hardware and software development, as well as project management services. Projects included:

Hardware/software design & control

March 1992 - December 1993
Trailblazer Software Systems

Development of 3-D visualization software to render sections of a geographic database. Development of compressed geographic database, including processing of original USGS source materials such as Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Line Graphs (DLG), and the Digital Chart of the World (stored in MIL-STD Vector Product Format (VPF)). Development of Windows "look-alike/work-alike" user interface running under MS-DOS, including support for bitmap fonts, standard dialog controls. Porting of above system to Visual Basic.

April 1987-December 1989
Amerasia Technology, Inc.
Program Manager, Advanced Signal Processing

Responsible for management of projects, proposal writing, customer presentations, hardware and software system design, and supervision of development team. Primary projects included:


January 1987 - July 1993
American Industrial Real Estate Assoc.

Developed the REsearch System, which maintains a distributed database (>50 sites) of available industrial properties with a flexible and powerful user interface. The system uses scheduled off-hours communications over dial-up modems to maintain subsets of a master database at remote sites. Developed enhancements for LAN support and image data. Provided technical support for the organization for LAN and equipment procurement, as well as general operational issues such as disaster recovery. Assisted in hiring of on-staff person to handle ongoing support.

July 1985 - December 1986
Gould Navcom Systems Division
Electronic Warfare Department

Developed specialized algorithms with multiple processor architectures for processing of intercepted spread spectrum radio signals. Performed reverse engineering analyses of various tactical VHF Frequency Hopping radios including identification of "sanded" IC's, and disassembly of microcode. Hardware design & construction of 300 MHz fast frequency counter. Designed and constructed high speed A/D interface for Bragg Cell Optical Transform processor. Responsible for integration of high speed custom digital signal processor with MC68020 software interface.

April 1985-July 1985
Natasha's Models, Barcelona Spain

Installed and configured accounting and database software. Developed database for tracking of clients, models, and scheduling. Trained staff in use of computer and software. Assisted in translation of English software documentation into Spanish, as well as interpreting Spanish documentation that had been badly translated from original English.

September 1984 - June 1985
Siemens, Munich Germany
Programmer / Analyst

Developed low level device drivers for disk drives and video displays under UNIX on 68000 and 8086 PC platforms.

April 1983 - Sept 1983
Advanced Technical Consultants

Developed block oriented system simulator which compiled a textual block diagram description of an spread spectrum RF system into a FORTRAN program, which was then run to do high speed simulations. The compiler was written in FORTRAN 77, and ran under MPX-32 on a SEL computer. A unique feature was that various sections of the simulation could run at different sample rates, with the decimation and interpolation at boundaries handled automatically. The program did also simple filter synthesis for Butterworth and Chebysheff filters.

October 1982 - January 1984
CPRES Communications, Inc.

Developed system for maintaining a database of available real estate properties. Developed auto/truck lease tracking and estimation system.

August 1981 - December 1982
Burroughs, Inc.
Systems Software Engineer

Developed system software (device drivers, debugging tools) for the OFISfile, a text retrieval/format conversion system. The OFISfile was based on multiple iSBC 86/12 (8086) processors and custom string manipulation hardware. Developed remote debugger to allow field support over dial up lines.

June 1979 - July 1981
System Development Corp.

Developed system software for the ECCCS system, a C3 system for the LAPD consisting of 4 interconnected PDP-11/70's running under a modified version of RSX-11M-PLUS. Developed multi-processor file system to replace FILES-11, supporting shadow disks and hot standby processors for reliability. Implemented numerous OS modifications for performance improvement and multi-processor support. Developed a replacement run time system for FORTRAN to take advantage of 11/70's memory management hardware.

September 1978-August 1979
Telos Computing, Inc.

Developed software for Optimum Path Aircraft Routing System (OPARS) under Navy contract. OPARS uses Navy environmental data bases and sophisticated aircraft performance models to determine optimum routing and to prepare flight plans.

Work prior to 1978

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