High Voltage Equipment Suppliers

 Folks, this page is probably egregiously out of date (except for a few entries), but the information is here for historical reference (knowing where a company "used to be" might be handy for tracking down "where they are now").

Supplier What they supply
Aerovox Inc.
740 Belleville Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02745
Telephone: (508) 994-9661
Fax: (508) 999-1000
AC capacitors, DC film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, power factor correction capacitors and systems, and EMI filters
now part of Aerovox (above)

Kanthal Globar
(formerly Cesiwid Corporation)
(formerly Carborundum Corporation)
P.O. Box 339
3425 Hyde Park Blvd
Niagara Falls, NY 14302-0339
Gary Innocenti - Applications/Sales (716)286-7608
fax: (716)286-7601

High voltage, high power non-inductive resistors, ceramic capacitors
Caton Connector Corporation
Jones River Industrial Park
20 Wapping Road, Kingston, MA 02364
(617)585-4315, fax:(617)585-2973
High voltage "Corona Free" connectors and cable

EG&G, Inc. Optoelectronics, ElectroOptics
35 Congress St
Salem MA 01970
(508)745-3200 fax:(508) 745-0894

Now part of Perkin Elmer Electroptics

Flash tubes, Hydrogen Thyratrons, Triggered and Overvoltage spark gaps, Trigger transformers, etc
General Electric, Silicones
260 Hudson River Road
Waterford, NY 12188
HV Component Associates, Inc.
P.O Box 2484
Farmingdale NJ 07727
(908) 938-4499, fax: (908)938-4451
HV Diodes, Voltage multipliers, Assemblies, Full-wave bridges
Jennings Technology Company
970 McLaughlin Avenue
San Jose, CA 95122 U.S.A.
PHONE: (408) 292-4025
FAX: (408) 286-1789
Capacitors (Vacuum & Gas Filled)
Relays (Vacuum & Gas Filled)
Coaxial Relays (Vacuum)
Interrupters (Vacuum)
Contactors (Vacuum)
High Voltage Test Instruments
Materials Analysis & Testing Services

Titan - Pulse Sciences

San Leandro, CA

Triggered Spark gaps, trigger sources, etc. Titan is composed of the old Physics International and the part of Maxwell labs that did pulsed power components and systems (sparkgaps, switches, Marx banks...etc.)
Maxwell Labs, Balboa Division (Maxwell is reorganizing, so this might be different)
Now part of General Atomic
8888 Balboa Ave
San Diego CA 92123
(619)576-7575 fax:(619)576-7672
Energy storage capacitors, only, these days.
National Electrostatics Corporation
7540 Graber Rd, PO Box 620310
Middleton WI 53562-0310
(608)831-7600, fax: (608)256-4103
Pelletron accellerators, charging systems, beam line components
17212 Pacato Place
San Diego CA 92128 USA
Fax at 619-592-0152
Phone at 619-592-0932
Peter Naor , mail to:qvr1.pete@worldnet.att.net


Power Supply for Ion Sources in Ion Implanters.
FLEXLINE Floating Output Power Supplies.
Fiberoptic Links for control of floated power trains and instruments.
High Voltage, Non-Inductive Encapsulated Resistors.
Test Equipment for specific application
Isolation Transformers for AC loads operating at high float voltages.

R.E. Beverley III and Associates
P.O.Box 428
Woodstock, GA 30188-0428
Telephone: 770-509-3654
Fascimile: 770-509-9313

Pulsed-power components and systems, research and development, scientific software.. Triggered gaps, soft X-ray sources
Ross Engineering Corp
540 Westchester Dr
Campbell, CA 95008
Fax to (408)377-5182 , Phone (408)377-4621
email: rosseng@aol.com
HV Relays, Safety Equipment

designs, tests and manufactures high voltage devices for control, measurement and safety that are marketed both in the US and world-wide. Typical applications are in High Voltage power supplies, cyclotrons, lasers, radar, TV and high power communication transmitters, HV power line and underground cable voltage measurement and phasing, power quality and disturbance monitoring; for almost any HV equipment, industrial plant, laboratory or utility where high voltage or high current is utilized.

Science First
95 Botsford Place
Buffalo NY 14216-2696
(716)874-0133 (800)875-3214 fax: (716)874-9853
Van de Graaf Generator Kits, spun aluminum spheroids
Formerly Morris & Lee, mentioned in dozens of Amateur Scientist Columns

Silpak, Inc
470 E. Bonita Ave
Pomona CA 91767
(909)625-0082 (fax)

Silicone and other potting resins
Victoreen, Inc.
6000 Cochran Rd
Cleveland, OH 44139-3395
(440) 248-9300 fax: (440)248-9301
High resistance (1E12 ohms) precision resistors
Geiger Muller tubes
voltage regulator tubes

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