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What's New - Where I put links to things that have changed

lightning icon Lightning - Information on lightning, both the real thing, and my artificial version
High Voltage - The start of my High Voltage Experimental Handbook. For now, a place to collect info on high voltage.
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Solar Eclipses - A collection of info about solar eclipses past and future, links to some useful sites for planning your next eclipse chase. (New.. Pictures of the 11 August 1999 eclipse)

Work @ Reel EFX
The Tornado Project
(the "Tornado Patent")

Radio - Radio related things, like phased arrays and APRS GPS tracking
robot icon Old Projects - Some of the more interesting projects I have worked on (tornadoes, robots, radar analyzers, and so forth).
Camera Icon Photo Portfolio - Experimental photo portfolio using frames (and some more photos (mountain tops, rock climbing)..(revised 18 October 1999))
Nuclear - Garage fusion, general info, etc.
volcano icon Lava! - Making lava at home.
Book icon Reference - A place to put reference information that you may find handy, as well as links to useful places.
resume icon Resume - Just in case you are looking for someone with my skills, here is the complete resume, including a list of publications, some of which are actually on this site.
Beowulf - A personal Supercomputer.
Robots! More on my robot projects  

And, of course, a way to email me at: jimlux@earthlink.net. You can also reach me at (805)241-3711, or fax me at (805)241-3701

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