Sunshine Company

1979 was the year that Jim officially started Sunshine Company as a woodworking business. Though a birdhouse was his only order, Jim continued to add inventory and gain experience. The buliding of stringed musical instruments was of keen interest at the time. He built Aeolian wind harps and mountain dulcimers with an eye towards building a guitar. While watching a Grandpa Jones special on television Jim had an epiphany while Grandpa Jones' daughter played "Over the Waterfall" on a hammered dulcimer. By the end of the year Jim had built his first hammered dulcimer. To this date Jim has built 16 hammered dulcimers.

Click the rag doll for an mp3 sound clip of the Old Yime melody "Ragtime Annie" available on Ernie's Pot O' Gold.

Dulcimer Hammers by Joyce

Hammered Dulcimers by Jim

Joyce makes high quality, hand made, dulcimer hammers that are durable, well balanced, good looking and fast! They are made of hard maple with various handle hard woods and cost $34.00 ppd. Hammers are available in three sizes, 4 string, 2 string and child's. Felted hammers to soften the sound are also available.

Any hammered dulcimer made by Jim Lillquist is going to have a professional and personal touch that combine to create a long lasting, quality musical instrument. Jim builds a four string, 14/13 course dulcimer made of hard maple with an Alaskan spruce soundboard. This instrument is complete with a removable lid, hard maple stand, two sets of hammers, tuning wrench and manual. The price is $1800.00 plus any taxes, shipping or delivery from Florida. A deposit of $200 is required.

"I love their weight and balance. They are superior to any other hammers that I have used and I've tried all kinds of hammers. I should have replaced my hammers at least a year ago". W. G.

Click the Brau Meister for an mp3 sound clip of the German drinking song "Pij, Bracie, Pij" available on Greco Ernie. We learned this instrumental version from a Polish Club Date book.

Click on the girl for an mp3 sound clip of the Irish melody "Star of the County Down" available on Ernie's Pot O' Gold. This recording was done with felted hammers and is a wedding favorite.

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