Ernie Rocks!, a fun filled collection of 23 Irish, Old Time, Scottish, and French instrumental melodies. The Gypsy Guerrilla Band members on this recording are Jim, Joyce, and Antonio. The name of this album was inspired by kids passing by saying "You guys Rock!".


Click the Scottsman for an mp3 sound clip of the "Atholl Highlanders Marching Jig" from Ernie Rocks!


Click the Gravel Walk dancer for an mp3 sound clip of the Old Time melody, "Gravel Walk" from Ernie Rocks!


Ernie's Pot O' Gold and Ernie's Pot O' Gold II

are compilations from the Gypsy Guerrilla Band's first four tapes, Ernie's Journey, Ernie Rides Again!, Ernie's Breakdown, and Ernie Plays Faire. The tunes included are Jim's favorites and those of our fans.


Click on the meteor for an mp3 sound clip of the Irish reel "Drowsy Maggie" from Ernie's Pot O' Gold.


Ernie's Ottoman and Greco Ernie
are the projects that launched the GGB into ethnic folk dance tunes from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, Romania, Hungary, Poland.and Jewish klezmer.
Kerobushka, from Ernie's Ottoman was featured on NPR's All Songs Considered.


Take an adventure with Ernie's Adventures! This CD is full of Irish, Scottish, and French instrumental dance music featuring the hammered dulcimer, chorded zither, with some electric bass, dumbék and recorder added. Styles of music Included in this collection are jigs, slip jigs, airs, marches, bourées, and a polka.


Click the gypsy fiddle for an mp3 sound clip of the Hungarian melody "If You Leave Me Do Not Return" from Greco Ernie..


Click the mountain scene for an mp3 sound clip of the Scottish melody "Wild Mountain Thyme" from Ernie's Adventures.


Click the crested chicken for an mp3 sound clip of the French Massif melody "Les Poules Huppées" by Gilles Chabenat from Ernie's Adventures.


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