Gypsy Guerrilla Band

It's not an invasion, it's a celebration of international music! The Gypsy Guerrilla Band is on the road year-round with their "Hit and Run Music", an exuberant mix of styles from baroque to reggae. Band members think like gypsies in their range of cultural influences, and like guerrillas in their aggressive approach to traditional instruments.
Hammered dulcimer, autoharp, kalimba, and Irish whistle create a hard-driving sound and bring new life to old-time, folk and ethnic music; the result is a repertoire characterized by big-spirited variety.  The next tune may be Renaissance, Cajun, klezmer, improvisational jazz, a Strauss waltz, or a Sousa march.
On tour, the band adapts its material and costumes for the occasion. They often work with local performers and guest artists, and have been known to get a whole town dancing in the streets. They're committed to music that will unify, entertain, and fire up people's imaginations.

Joyce Lillquist-Autoharp
Joyce began playing autoharp as a way of participating in the music and is now an accomplished and seasoned performer. The autoharp, or chorded zither, is a stringed musical instrument that furnishes a full chorded accompaniment to any music. As the band's "social director", Joyce is happy to interact with all of you at any time.

Gypsy Guerrilla Band History

The GGB evolved around 1981 while doing the King Richard's Faire (now known as the Bristol Renaissance Faire) near Kenosha, WI. The band has consisted of two to five members. Jim's early influence in folk dance music was from an old time string band in Springfield, IL. Starting from a few dozen old time fiddle tunes learned from a hammered dulcimer book, Jim and Joyce have added Irish, Scottish, English dances, Gypsy melodies, bellydance tunes, and more recently, Welsh, French, Spanish, and Balkan music. The Gypsy Guerrilla Band repertoire is truly international in scope.

Jim Lillquist-Hammered dulcimer, kalimba, Irish whistle, and concertina
Jim began in music as a percussionist involved in jazz, rock & roll, band, orchestra, and ensemble works. In 1979 he built his first hammered dulcimer. The hammered dulcimer is a stringed musical instrument originating from ancient Persia which is struck with mallets to create a percussive and melodic sound. The kalimba is an African instrument with metal tines over a wooden or gourd box and played with the thumbs. Jim learned to play the kalimba in college, late, very late, at night. The pennywhistle is for rain days and parades. The concertina is for sight reading music. Soon the hurdy gurdy will come out to play!

Click the Egyptian for an mp3 sound clip of the Egyptian melody "Shu Badda" from Ernie's Ottoman.


What do you call that thing?  '"The Box" or "Juanita".
Where are the nearest privies? >>>><<<<
Can I play that?  *&%!
How fast are those hammers going? Clocked at 17 mph.
Who's Ernie?  Jim's dad, God rest his soul, and our leprechaun mascot.

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