Our Next Meeting is April 30, 1999 at 7:30 p.m. at Baldwin Wallace College. The Speaker will be Carl Wight discussing how he reconciles being a Spiritualist and a Skeptic. Click here for details. 

he South Shore Skeptics is a non-profit organization located in northeast Ohio and dedicated to science education and the investigation of paranormal and psuedoscientific claims.

Our activities include investigating pseudoscientific claims, presenting lectures, publishing The South Shore Skeptic six times a year, and maintaining the Skepticism SIG on the Cleveland Free-Net, a free access community based computer bulletin board. We also provide the public and news media of Northeast Ohio with scientific perspectives on pseudoscientific topics. Membership in The South Shore Skeptics costs $15.00 a year. The money is used to pay for the publication and distribution of The South Shore Skeptic both to members and to the media. We also send two free copies to everyone who asks for information about our activities. If you would like to receive two free copies of The South Shore Skeptic, care to take part in our efforts by joining us as a member, or submit an article for publication in The South Shore Skeptic, write us at:

The South Shore Skeptics
P.O. Box 5083
Cleveland, Ohio 44101

For a brief history of the South Shore Skeptics and an explanation of the name, go to
Page Stephens’ Skeptical Autobiography

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Basic Description: The South Shore Skeptics is a non-profit educational group based in Cleveland, Ohio (Northeast Ohio) to promote rationality and skepticism in dealing with claims of the paranormal. This page contains copies of our newsletter, skeptical biographies of our members, a calendar of skepticism related events in the Cleveland area and in the US and a tremendous collection of links to sites dealing with skepticism, rationality, junk science, the supernatural amd related issues.


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